Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Golden Gate Gala Photo-A-Day Challenge

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We’re now 30 Days away from the 2014 Golden Gate Gala, and we would like to introduce the "Photo A Day #RHSSanFran2014 Challenge". This is a great way to countdown to the upcoming convention and start playing with the #RHSSanFran2014 hashtag on social media. Below is a list of daily photo captions or challenges. We would like you to share one photo each day that best describes the captions listed below and post them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #RHSSanFran2014.

  1. This is me!
  2. What’s on my packing list!
  3. My favorite convention accessory is...
  4. This is my go-to travel hat.
  5. Feathers, bling and all shiny things. 
  6. Let’s see those Trading Cards!
  7. These shoes were made for dancing!
  8. The Golden Gate Gala activity I’m most looking forward to,  is…
  9. I’m traveling to San Francisco from…
  10. Eat dessert first!
  11. Throwback!  Here’s a picture from a past convention.
  12.  Because I’m Happy! 
  13. Let’s see those Name Badges! These are a must-have for any RHS event.
  14. Beach Blanket Babylon hats are grand! Here’s my most outrageous hat.
  15. Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate.
  16.  San Francisco dreamin’! I’m most looking forward to seeing this in-person.
  17. Throwback! This is my favorite past convention shirt.
  18. Quote of the Day
  19. Smile for the camera
  20. These shoes were made for walking!
  21. Something red/pink.
  22. Something purple/lavender.
  23. My outfit of the day. 
  24. I never leave the house without my…
  25. My favorite lip color is…
  26. My favorite meal of the day is…
  27. My bags are packed!
  28. Here’s a photo from the road.
  29. Meet my travel buddy or buddies!
  30. San Francisco, I have arrived!  Make sure to use our hashtag #RHSSanFran2014 with all your pictures!
Make sure to use our hashtag #RHSSanFran2014 with all your pictures!

Here’s a sample post:

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