Thursday, June 12, 2014

Your DIY Bag Tag

There are a few things Hatters truly love: traveling, crafting and accessorizing. We see it in the stories and pictures we receive at Hatquarters each week. So we’ve put together a fun activity that brings all of these elements together - DIY Travel Bag Tags! These tags will allow you to add some RHS flare to your suitcases, while also making them easy to find at an airport baggage claim. Here is a great way to make your very own unique bag tag.

What you need:
A clear lanyard case
A patterned paper of your choice. For this example, we re-purposed the diamond boxes and the envelope purse printables available under the Fun Stuff tab of the Red Hat Society’s website.
Hot Glue
One white piece of paper

Foam stickers

How to assemble:
1. Cut the patterned paper fit over one side of your lanyard case, and glue it on.
2. Then, decorate it however you want! We used some bling, foam stickers and some decorative elements from the different printables, i.e. the bow from the purse envelopes.
3. Next, take your white piece of paper, cut it out to fit inside your lanyard case and write your information on it.

4. Finally, take your ribbon and tie a knot through the clip hole so you can tie it to your bag! (We used a glittery ribbon, for that extra touch of sparkle.)

There you have it! This craft is simple and cute, and it would be perfect for anyone who loves to travel. We hope to see some at the Golden Gate Gala! If you craft your own bag tag, we would love to see your pictures. Send them to

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