Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Standing Proud and Sharing the Red Hat

Queen/Ambassador Georgean Kruger of the Zippity Do Dahs and her Red Hat Travel Mate, Ila Rae Reich, of the Red Hat “Wheathearts” recently boarded Aer Lingus for a special Red Hat adventure with YMT Vacations.

Their journey took them to the Emerald Island touring the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. They stood proud under their red hats drawing much attention from other tourists. 

Some came up to greet them and to let them know they too were of the Red Hat Society.  Many complimented them on their red hats, which in turn gave them the opportunity to share the Red Hat Society story with them and how they could learn more about the Sisterhood on the RHS website.  

One lady in particular stood out.  She was from South Africa and had stepped out of the ladies restroom as Georgean was about to step in.  She complimented her on her red hat.  Georgean was excited in being able to share the red hat story with her and that she could be a Queen of a Chapter and have a Chapter name and etc.  This lady was so excited.  When Georgean returned she was standing there talking to this fellow.  Georgean greeted her with a smile and her reply was, “I’m telling my husband about the RHS, I can’t wait to get back home.”

On another occasion a gentleman sat down at their table when they were having a snack and struck up a conversation with them.  He was familiar with the RHS and told his story how he wished the RHS had existed when his mother was widowed.  His next comment really touched Georgean’s heart.  His mother told him as a widow in our older years we become invisible.  Georgean’s comment was, that’s our Red Hat theme for this year.  Standing Proud:  I am not invisible ~ I am invincible!

They had a wonderful time touring the Emerald Island with YMT's guide, an Irish native.  He did an outstanding job.

A beautiful ending to a wonderful tour of Ireland in a Red Hat way! 

The Red Hat Society is thrilled to partner with YMT 
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