Thursday, June 5, 2014

She's Fabulous!

Queen Jan Wells 

Carefree Ladies
Florida, United States

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Jan Wells (RHS Queen and Ambassador) was raised in Miami Beach, Florida. After completing high school (where she met her future husband), she went on to secretarial school and then put that education to work as an Executive Assistant at Sysco Corporation.

In her spare time, she finds pleasure in serving her community and traveling.

Jan was first introduced to the RHS 15 years ago, when her neighbor asked her to join a budding chapter called Carefree Ladies.  Three years later Jan was chosen to move up to Queen, a position she has really enjoyed.

When asked to name her favorite aspect of Red Hatting, she says: "I never had a sister until I became a Red Hatter, and now I have hundreds of sisters, and I love them all. My sisters are a wonderful group of fun loving, friendly and caring women from all walks of life….many of these ladies have said, 'Being a member of the Red Hat Society has just brought the Bubbles back into my life.'"

Jan's most memorable RHS moments, so far, have occurred at the four national conventions she has attended.  (And she is looking forward to her fifth, in San Francisco in August).

Her Chapter chooses to hold two large charity events per year, with the proceeds going to individual families or worthy charities.  In addition, the Carefree Ladies plan at least one overnight trip a year and have even ventured on a three night/four day cruise.  They go theaters, museums and luncheons, play Halloween Bunco and make sure to gather at least once a month, year after year.

Queen Jan's Chapter currently contains 57 ladies – every one a Supporting Member!  When asked to share a few pearls of wisdom for her Chapter's success, she says this:  "When I was elected Queen, I had so many ideas I wanted to do with my chapter, but I knew I could not do it alone, so I asked for volunteers to help me…Because of these volunteers in my court, we are able to do the things we do.  I also have committee members who will telephone the ladies who do not have a computer and give them the latest news about events coming up.  This way, no one is left behind."

This is the kind of caring, inclusive attitude that the Red Hat Society celebrates.  If a few people help the Queen keep the Chapter running, the amount of fun and friendship that results can – as in the case of this group – go on, and on, and on….

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