Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Trip Down Memory Lane...

This month, the Red Hat Society had the pleasure of hosting a special contest for a free Hometown Screening of "Jersey Boys" for one Member and up to 50 of her friends courtesy of Waren Bros. Pictures.

To win the contest, Members were asked to LIKE the Red Hat Society's Facebook page and share their favorite Four Seasons song and a memory that correlates with it.The Hatter with the most interesting story would be able to take over a theater and journey back to the 1960's in the story of four young men from the wrong side of the tracks in New Jersey who came together to form the iconic rock group The Four Seasons.

The cast of "Jersey Boys" even created this special message just for RHS Members:

Here are a few of the submissions we received:

"Rag Doll was probably the one that touched me the most. It kind of put into words how I felt about my life at that point. We moved around a lot and my parents were not able to give us anything extra. We were lucky to have what we needed. So I always felt a little left out. I didn't make friends easily and every move made me feel a little more isolated. I vowed if I was ever blessed with a child that he/she would never go through that. I kept my vow." - Sharon of the Ramblin' Rosies

"I was in elementary school in Washington DC and my big brother got me a little record player for Christmas. My dad took me to Woolworths to buy my first record for it and my choice was Sherry by Frankie Valli. I listened to that song over and over for the next year because we really did not have extra money to purchase more records. Everyone got tired of hearing it but me and my older sister who later named her first daughter Sherry. Their group had such an impact that I now live in a community called Four Seasons."
- Henrika of the Panama Red Hats and Purple Parasols

"When I was 16, I went to a concert in Indianapolis. The fans were so excited and ran down to the stage and the security turned off the power. Then Frankie took a bull horn and said he didn't need their power and finished the concert in the dark and with bull horns and drums. It was awesome!! I would love to win a screening."
- Jackie of the Vegas Red Hat Divas

"Sherry ... that's the song I remember most. My best friend and I used to meet up on Saturdays and practice dancing at her house. We weren't very popular and we were socially awkward, but alone, together we were footloose and fancy free. We had all the moves. Happy times. To this day, we are still good friends. She lives in NC and I'm in FL. If I win this contest, I would fly her down for my private showing." - Sarae of the Fit 'n Fabulous

"Being born in Newark, NJ and raised in East Newark/Harrison, NJ the Four Seasons were a common name in my household. Although, I was just a youngster when they played at Harrison High School dances, I remember the stories my older uncle shared with me. As I became a "teen" some girl friends and myself would spend summer weekends following The Four Seasons to different venues. I guess we'd be called "Groupies"! Atlantic City, Asbury Park were just a couple of places they appeared. My friends & I even waited for Frankie Valli to come out into his Limo so we could get an autograph on a gas receipt. Had the privilege to see the musical "Jersey Boys" in Louisville, KY several years ago. It was an outstanding performance and it sure did bring back a lot of great memories. Would love the opportunity to get a chance for a screening of this movies. Just love The Four Seasons...and that music lives on!!!" - Kathi of the Classy Sassy Chapter

"This will be the easy to tell a story of my favorite song....there are lots of songs that bring back memories. One of my best friends back in Jr. High School was Diana, along with Sherry, who was my wild friend. We loved to sing the song Big Girls don't cry and dance around like we were on the TV show Bandstand. The music told a story and we thought we were part of the story, like in Rag Doll. The songs the Four Seasons song will long be remembered. I will remember when I saw the show in Las Vegas with my Red Hat friends. We were all singing and dancing afterwards thru the Casino. It was like we were teenagers again. What wonderful memories. I am looking forward to seeing the movie when it opens. It would really be great to win tickets for the screening along with viewing it with my Red Hat friends. Life is getting shorter....but I still have my wonderful memories from the songs done by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons."- Denise of the Plum

"OMG - As a "Jersey Girl" my fondest memories are of the songs of the Four Seasons. Sheri was one of my favorites and I can remember memorizing the words so I could sing along with my "45" record on my portable record player with the colorful plastic discs that adapted the 45's to the player. I think I wore the record out by playing it hundreds of times in a row. My parents would ask me to "please, give it a break"! I remember going to see Franki Valli and the Four Seasons at what was then called Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. At the time I brought my young sons, who thought I had a screw loose for liking this very foreign sound. I've seen the play, Jersey Boys, and loved it. Can't wait to bring my group, The Happy Hatters of Smithville, NJ to the movie." - Karen of the Happy Hatters of Smithville

Where do I begin...The Four Seasons with Frankie Valli was my favorite group while in Jr. High. I had never heard a voice like his. And of course I needed their records; remember the 45s! I had just started attending boy/girl parties and everyone would bring their box of 45s with them. My favorite Four Season's song was "Big Girls Don't Cry"; which was majorly hard to pick out from all the other great songs they sang. I remember saving my allowance to go to the record shop in the mall to buy their songs. This was during the same time I had my first date and started going steady for the first time. WOW! What memories their songs bring back. And to current date, 50 years later, I still have the album this song is on. Can't wait to see Jersey Boys! - Shirley from the Aged to Perfection Red Hats- Lake Windcrest

"Good night my love"has a very special place in my heart. My husband had been sent to Viet Nam and in those days there were no cell phones, computers, social media, only letters and songs to ease the pain. I listened to this song each night until he returned to me." - Linda of the Awesome S.P.O.I.L.E.D. Red Hats of the Valleys

"I was a teen in the 60's and remember dancing to all of their songs in my living room. I'm from a family of nine, so I always had brothers and sisters to join in dancing with me. We were supposed to be cleaning the house while our parents went grocery shopping, but instead we would turn up the stereo and do the bop to "Big Girls Don't Cry" or cha-cha to "Sherry" and many more. Some of them are gone now, but I know those that live locally would just love to see a private screening of "Jersey Boys". We were fortunate enough to see them perform at some local venues in Baltimore before they hit it really big. You also couldn't help but sing along to all of the wonderful tunes. My family and friends would LOVE the opportunity to preview this movie. In a private room, we would still be able to get up and dance!" - Janet of the Classy Sassy Divas


"On October 22, 1962 President Kennedy placed the Naval blockade around Cuba and my husband, Tom, was on a destroyer sent to participate in the blockade. The song, "Big Girls Don't Cry" came out November 17, 1962 and my husband sent me a telegram asking me to listen to the song and not to worry. He came home safely and this became our theme song." - Rita of the Ramblin' Rosies

I was in high school when they got their fame...I sang and danced to all their wonderful music. I was fortunate to grow up in NYC so I attended most of Dick Clark's rock n roll shows and saw all the best of the best including Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I had a first love who was killed in Viet Nam right when Lets Hang on to What We Have was recorded. I sang it all the time to always remember the short time we spent together. I am 65 now and still think Of My Richie whenever I hear that song."- Dianne of the Wild Girls Gone Red

"In 2004 I was lucky to have attended Jersey Boys on stage at the North York Centre in Toronto Ontario. I went with my 3 sisters and we had just a wonderful fun time together and we all enjoyed the stage event immensely. Now that I am retired, and have joined the Red Hat Society, I do not think there could be anything nicer and more fun, than to attend the movie with my Red Hat Chapter Sisters." - Wendy Patricia of the Sassy Classy Red Hats

So, who is going to win this fabulous Hometown giveaway? You'll just have to wait and see! Don't miss "Jersey Boys" in theaters now!

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