Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Your Red Hat Survival Box

Are you looking for the perfect Chapter activity or Red Hat gift idea? Here is a fun one we found on the Queens and Members Board. Host a Hatter Survival Box assembly party, or create one as a gift for a Sister. (This could even be a great welcome gift for new Members.) Here's what you'll need:

Red and Purple Feathers - to remind you that you can fly
Kazoo - so you don't forget to toot your horn
Pretzels - hugs from your Red Hat sisters
Hershey Kissesto remind you of the sweetness of family and friends
Mirror - to remind you that you are very important
Marbles - to replace the ones that you have lost or will lose
Rubber Band - to remind you to be flexible
Paper Clips - to remind you that you are an important link in other' lives
Lollipop - to remind you that you can lick all your problems
Eraser - to remind you that everyone makes mistakes
Nuts - to remind you to be a little nutty and laugh
Do Not Disturb Sign - to remind you that you need time to yourself
Cotton Balls - for those times when you can't hear yourself think
Pen and Pad - to write down your thoughts before you forget them
Lifesavers - to save you from one of those days
Breath Mints - to remind you to just breathe
Toothpicks - to remind you to pick out the good in all situations
Starburst - to give you a burst of energy
Tootsie Roll - to remind you to roll with the punches
Red Glitter - to wish you Scarlet Sparkles
Candle - when you feel in the dark
Aspirin - when all else fails, take two and call a Red Hatter

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! This is fun to know the meanings of them, and they are truly a Red Hat gift idea. Red Hat Survival box is one of the best boxes, the Red Hat Ladies or anyone can have.