Thursday, May 15, 2014

You Know You're a Hatter If...

We know, from keeping up with the Red Hat Society Facebook page, that more and more Hatters are using social media. Even Ruby RedHat, our adorable mascot, uses Facebook. Did you know that she posts a question every week, to see what kind of responses she gets from Hatters? If you haven’t yet joined in the conversations going on there, we hope the following excerpts will inspire you to get started.
Ruby opens the discussion with this: Let's do a fill in the blank today! Have some fun with it, ladies. "You know you're a Hatter if _______________."
Here are some samples of the responses:
“You can dance in the street and no one thinks you are crazy.” - Pat Palmer
“You’re in a new town at a Red Hat convention and make a stop in a store where other Hatters spot your colors and bling from clear across the store and shout, ‘Helloooo Red Hat Sister! That happened on my first Red Hat event years ago in Branson.” - Deb Hadley
“You play in the rain and splash puddles with red rubber boots and a red shower cap as a hat.” - Lillian Wells
“You look at clothes and ponder — can you make a costume out of it?” - Lynnette Pearce
“You laugh more than you cry.” - Kathleen Calvert
“You have become more outgoing and less shy.” - Brenda Jones
“You have more feathers than hair.” - Carol Thompson
“You wear so much bling you glow in the dark.” — Jackie Chapman
“Your family thinks you’re a MAD hatter!” - Maureen Mallinson
“Every other piece of clothing you own has sparkles on it.” — Frances Stump
“You have more purple clothes than any other and have a bunch of friends who do too.”- Kathy Richards-Phipps

Now, if you just arrived on earth (from Mars, perhaps) you would know quite a bit about the RHS just by reading this, don’t you think?
And I’ll bet you’d join the Red Hat Society!

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