Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Your Red Hat Survival Box

Are you looking for the perfect Chapter activity or Red Hat gift idea? Here is a fun one we found on the Queens and Members Board. Host a Hatter Survival Box assembly party, or create one as a gift for a Sister. (This could even be a great welcome gift for new Members.) Here's what you'll need:

Red and Purple Feathers - to remind you that you can fly
Kazoo - so you don't forget to toot your horn
Pretzels - hugs from your Red Hat sisters
Hershey Kissesto remind you of the sweetness of family and friends
Mirror - to remind you that you are very important
Marbles - to replace the ones that you have lost or will lose
Rubber Band - to remind you to be flexible
Paper Clips - to remind you that you are an important link in other' lives
Lollipop - to remind you that you can lick all your problems
Eraser - to remind you that everyone makes mistakes
Nuts - to remind you to be a little nutty and laugh
Do Not Disturb Sign - to remind you that you need time to yourself
Cotton Balls - for those times when you can't hear yourself think
Pen and Pad - to write down your thoughts before you forget them
Lifesavers - to save you from one of those days
Breath Mints - to remind you to just breathe
Toothpicks - to remind you to pick out the good in all situations
Starburst - to give you a burst of energy
Tootsie Roll - to remind you to roll with the punches
Red Glitter - to wish you Scarlet Sparkles
Candle - when you feel in the dark
Aspirin - when all else fails, take two and call a Red Hatter

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Guest Blog: HATalk e-magazine

It's been over a year since we first offered the ebook  How to Make a Red Hat to Red Hat Society Members as a free gift.

If you never had a chance to download this practical guide to making your own red hats, it is still available from www.hatalkrhs.com.

To get the new issue of HATalk each month and over 100 other downloadable hat making resources, subscribe toHATalk e-magazine today - Red Hatters pay only $19.95 a year!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Help! My hat does not fit.

Most of the ready-made hats in the lower price market are made for a 22 inch round head. Your head is not round. So the hat may be cute and a great price but too big, put too much weight on your ears or just slip and slide around. This standard sizing is a challenge to those who find hats too large and to those who find them too small.

Of course, if you are financially able or willing to save for it, you can buy a well fitted hat from any of the higher end hat shops but what's the fun in that?

Advice for the ladies who find standard hats too small:
Most of you will find tams or newsboy style hats may fit. Others will wear turbans or scarves or head bands. Clip-in flowers or fascinators are a good choice too. Pin in a piece of boa or a large bendable feather in your hair to create a hat of your dreams.

Advice for the ladies who find standard hats too big:
Weather stripping that is found at the large home supply stores and hardware stores in the insulation department works well. Consider using the stripping just on the sides of your hat to create a more oval shape.

Foam from the upholstery department, cut in strips and glued inside the hat works. Also suede or chamois material works well too.

There are also hats on the market that have an elastic strip stretched around the inside of the hat. The fit is adjustable. Cowgirl shaped hats often have this and it is one of the reasons for their popularity. The shape of the cowgirl hat is oval which also creates a better fit.

Building on the cowgirl designed hats; others have tried a similar homemade trick: Take piece of elastic a little smaller than the inside of the hat and sew it to the grosgrain ribbon around the inside of the hat. Tah dah! The hat fits perfectly. If there isn't any ribbon on the inside of the hat, take strips of felt and glue to the inside of the hat then attach the elastic. This work too.

Take squares of 1/4 to 1 inch foam and glue it inside the hat wherever you need pressure taken off or a better fit.

Many ladies find that allowing air space between the top of their head and the hat lessens perspiring. Choose a more open weave hat. It will help.

Think of a helmet and the web framework that is inside it to create a good fit and take pressure off your ears. Stitch/glue a strip of elastic or fabric from the back of the hat to the front. Then stitch/glue a strip from ear to ear. Be sure to allow enough length in the strip so the hat fits the way you want it to. Try to pin or baste it in place first.

Just a reminder, that most straw type hats are painted. They can fade and the paint can flake. The upside of this is that they can be re-painted and made to look like new. If you paint your own hat make a note of the color and brand you used so you know what to use to retouch it.

Most feathers, flowers and other decorations are dyed. In moist air or rain they can fade (right on to your hair!) and the color can run. Take care where you put a damp or wet hat.

We hope this information helps you find your perfect fit for you!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

You Know You're a Hatter If...

We know, from keeping up with the Red Hat Society Facebook page, that more and more Hatters are using social media. Even Ruby RedHat, our adorable mascot, uses Facebook. Did you know that she posts a question every week, to see what kind of responses she gets from Hatters? If you haven’t yet joined in the conversations going on there, we hope the following excerpts will inspire you to get started.
Ruby opens the discussion with this: Let's do a fill in the blank today! Have some fun with it, ladies. "You know you're a Hatter if _______________."
Here are some samples of the responses:
“You can dance in the street and no one thinks you are crazy.” - Pat Palmer
“You’re in a new town at a Red Hat convention and make a stop in a store where other Hatters spot your colors and bling from clear across the store and shout, ‘Helloooo Red Hat Sister! That happened on my first Red Hat event years ago in Branson.” - Deb Hadley
“You play in the rain and splash puddles with red rubber boots and a red shower cap as a hat.” - Lillian Wells
“You look at clothes and ponder — can you make a costume out of it?” - Lynnette Pearce
“You laugh more than you cry.” - Kathleen Calvert
“You have become more outgoing and less shy.” - Brenda Jones
“You have more feathers than hair.” - Carol Thompson
“You wear so much bling you glow in the dark.” — Jackie Chapman
“Your family thinks you’re a MAD hatter!” - Maureen Mallinson
“Every other piece of clothing you own has sparkles on it.” — Frances Stump
“You have more purple clothes than any other and have a bunch of friends who do too.”- Kathy Richards-Phipps

Now, if you just arrived on earth (from Mars, perhaps) you would know quite a bit about the RHS just by reading this, don’t you think?
And I’ll bet you’d join the Red Hat Society!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Like Mother, Like Daughter

With Mother's Day just a few days away, we have asked Hatters to share pictures with their mothers or families, and some of their favorite memories so we could highlight them this month. The Red Hat Society is one of the largest women's social organizations in the world, and it only males sense that we pay our respects to the women who make this Sisterhood so special. These are just a few of the photos we have received:

Queen Nancy of the Classy Hats Chapter from Georgia shared this picture from the recent RHS Day Birthday celebration. 

Here I am with my mom, Mrs Dorothy Woodallof the Precious Jewels of Long Beach. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Love you!- Joyce

My Mom,Shirley Glatfelder, passed away this September.   She was 94 years young. She still lived independently and was very spunky. She loved joining our chapter, Rojo Chapeaux Sisterhood, on events that she should could participate.  At my Queen coronation she made sure I had a full crown.  A Tierra wouldn't do.  I love this photo as it is a true example of her personality.  We were hosting a mother/daughter event and this flag was a prize, but she thought it made a perfect Red Hat!

If you would like to submit your photos, you can post them on our Facebook Page or send them to Stories@redhatsociety.com.

Print, Snap and Share

Do you have a favorite quote from your mother that you would like to share with the Sisterhood? We would love for you to fill it in this bubble and share it with us on Facebook.

Of course we couldn't end this post without wishing all of our Members and mothers of Members a very Happy Mother's Day!