Thursday, March 27, 2014

There’s Magic in the Regalia

Last week, our fabulous mascot Ruby RedHat took to Facebook to share about a fun encounter with a little girl at a grocery store who was amazed by her regalia. She asked if any of the other gals had similar experiences to share, and some Hatters responded with really fun stories. Here are some of the responses:

Yes, it has happened in a restaurant. I invited the little girl to our table and let her sit in my chair and wear my hat. She was smiling from ear to ear.- Judy
I was told by a little girl that I looked like a fairy princess. Made my day, month, and year!- Kerry
I’ve said from the beginning: “There is magic in our red hats.” I am just a Plain Jane (I’m not looking for compliments), but when I put my red hat on, a different person emerges-one that I like- and I honestly become a showstopper. I love it! My favorite memory is when I went to a dress shop after our RHS dinner and two women were absolutely in awe of me. They told me how beautiful I was and asked if I was a movie star. That sure makes a girl’s day!!!!!- Karen
It happens quite often. It is amazing to see the wonder in their eyes. I often carry a little pink hat or feather with me and give it to them with permission from their mothers.- Marilyn
Yes, it’s undeniable that our regalia attracts attention everywhere we go. Do you have a feel-good moment you would like to share? We would love to hear about it! Send it to

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