Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dye It Yourself

Are you looking for a new Chapter activity or fun way to acquire more red, purple or lavender clothing? Why not throw a Dye Party? This is a great DIY approach to adding to your regalia, and it would be a hoot to see what your Sisters bring to transform. We’ve got a few tips here to help you get started.
Dyeing Tips:
  1. If it's valuable or important to you, do not dye it. If it's something such as a thrift store dress, though, go ahead and try.
  2. Fabrics that dye well:
    • Lace: has different threads, and some will dye lighter or darker. Makes a pretty effect.
    • Cotton: Dye in hottest water.
    • Nylon: Most of the times, it dyes well. It's hard to get dark colors to take though. Sometimes dyeing nylon causes a crinkling of the fabric.
    • Satin: Do not dye. It loses its bounce.
    • Polyester doesn't absorb dye. (Sometimes a garment may be of one fabric, but the thread may be polyester. You could wind up with white stitching on a purple garment. Be prepared.
  3. Make sure used clothing is clean and rinsed thoroughly before dyeing. Even new clothing should be washed before dyeing.
  4. To mix fabric dye, follow directions on the dye bottle or package.
    • Use vinegar to set dark colors.
    • Use two bottles or boxes of dye for dark colors (purple or red).
    • Liquid dye is easier on fragile fabrics, such as lace.
    • If worried about garment shrinkage, you can dye it in warm water. Mix dye in hot water, according to directions. Let cool. Add wet garment. Stir until it is the color you want.
    • Hang the garment and let it drip dry.
    • The washing machine is an easy way to dye. After use, run the empty machine with detergent and bleach to remove dye.
If you try this activity, share photos of your finished products at We can't wait to show your creations off to the Sisterhood! 

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