Thursday, February 13, 2014

Guest Post: HATalk e-magazine

Here's a special Valentine's project which has been shared by Red Hat Society international partner HATalk e-magazine. To make this attractive heart with its unusual eye-catching centre, you will need:

·        Piece of hessian or burlap, large enough to fit into an embroidery frame·        Piece of felt - a 12 inch (30cm) square should be sufficient
·        Several foil chocolate or candy wrappers in your chosen colour
·        Embroidery frame
·        Large crochet hook
·        Scissors
·        PVA (Elmers) white glue
·        Card for heart pattern
·        Marker pen
·        Felt for backing

1) Draw a heart shape on the card, approximately 3” (7.5cm) wide, and cut it out. 

2) Cut a piece of hessian or burlap to fit the embroidery frame. Place the heart template in the centre of the piece and draw round it using the marker pen. Put the piece into the embroidery frame and tighten it up well. Cut the felt and metallic wrappers into half-inch (1.25cm) strips.

3) Hold a strip of felt about 2 inches (5cm) in from its end underneath the point of the heart. Push the crochet hook through the hessian  above it, just inside the line of the heart and loop the felt strip over it. Pull it through the hole onto the right side and form a loop 1/2 an inch (1.25cm) high. Push the hook in again about two threads away from the first hole, along the line of the heart shape and repeat. Add new strips in as necessary. 

4) Continue creating loops until you have edged the heart shape with felt loops. 

5) Now you can fill in the centre of the heart with the strips of metallic wrapping using the same method as before. This is trickier to do as the strips are both slippery and inclined to fold, but persevere and you will soon find you have got the method. Try and keep most of the strips coloured side uppermost, although a few silver ones here and there look quite attractive. When you have filled the space, tuck as many of the loose ends through to the front of the piece as you can, and trim off any ends to the same height as the loops. 

6) Take the completed heart out of the embroidery frame and cut around it, leaving an inch (2.5cm) of hessian around the edge. You will fold this under later. From the hessian you have cut off, cut another heart shape using the card template as a guide. 

7) Spread some PVA glue liberally over the back of the piece. A plastic knife is useful for this. Try and get the glue onto the hessian strands between the loops as it will adhere best there and help to hold the slippery metallic loops in place. Place the cut-out hessian heart over the glued back and press it well into the glue. Put the heart in a warm place to dry. The glue dries clear so won’t be seen. 

8) When the glue is dry, cut into the inch wide hessian around the edge of the piece and run another generous line of glue around the edge of the hessian. Fold the flaps of hessian over onto it, pushing any frayed ends into the glue to keep the shape neat. Leave the piece to dry.

9) To neaten the back of the heart, use the template again to cut a further heart shape from the red felt. 

 10) Using the same method as before, glue the felt heart to the back of the heart that you have made, tucking in as many stray ends of hessian as possible. Allow to dry. Any remaining ends can now be cut off.

The heart is now complete and can be used to trim your hat. It can be attached to a hat band with a few tiny stitches. It makes a very striking decoration! 

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