Thursday, January 16, 2014

Guest Post: HATalk e-magazine

HATalk e-magazine is a downloadable publication dedicated to millinery and hat making. The words 'milliner' and 'millinery' are not as commonly used as they were 100 years ago. Do you know the origin of these words?

Millinery is the art of making and decorating women's hats and a milliner is person who is skilled at doing this. Both words are believed to originate from the Middle English word Milener, which described a person who came from Milan, Italy. Back in the 16th century, Milan was the place to go for women's fashion and finery, so people who made fancy hats for stylish ladies tended to get their materials and inspiration from Milan. The name stuck and ladies' hat makers have been known as milliners ever since!

To learn millinery skills so that you can make your own hats, subscribe to HATalk e-magazine today! Red Hatters get over $40 off the normal price!

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