Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Red Hat Society Arrives in the Bahamas

Did you know the Red Hat Society is an international Sisterhood spanning across more than 30 countries around the world? We are excited to celebrate the growth of the Sisterhood, and honored that Members take the time to share their stories with us. This week, we would like to feature a story from a brand new Chapter that opened in the Bahamas. It was shared by Queen Joan of the Femmes Loquacious and Always Bodacious (F.L.A.B.) Chapter.

Having returned from her first Convention in April 2013, La Reine Drivet, (Joan C Phillip), Queen of F.L.A.B. (Femmes Loquacious and Always Bodacious), of Trinidad and Tobago, decided to have a go at introducing Red Hatting to Nassau, Bahamas, where she now lives. Along with her sister Madame Cote-ci Cote-la, (Yolande Gooding), Vice Queen of P.O.S.H. (Purple-clad Outrageous Soca Hatters), also of Trinidad & Tobago, they hosted an information sharing session which generated great interest among the invitees.

Because of La Reine Drivet’s frequent trips in and out of the island, however, it wasn't until August 2013 that the first official Red Hat Gathering was held. It was a resounding success. The group has assumed the name B.A.S.H…Y! (Bahamas Association of Sexy Hatters. . . Yes!) and Members have enthusiastically signed up. To date we have ten (10) registered Members and others who have signaled an interest in joining.

In October, we visited one of the islands Blue Lagoon (a tourist attraction) and had a fantabulous time. In November, once again, the group was highly visible as we went bowling. In December, we had our Christmas Dinner at the home of our Queen of Vice, Doneth, Her Royal Hotness. And yes, you know it, a great time was had by all.

Our intention is that after we are firmly established here in Nassau to begin introducing Red Hatting to the family islands, starting with Freeport, Grand Bahama. They are anxiously awaiting our visit. We are hoping that this will happen soon!

Here’s to the further spread of Fun, Friendship, Frivolity and Fitness in Red Hatted and Gloved Sisterhood!

Wow, Queen Joan! Your enthusiasm for the Sisterhood is truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing the Magic in the Hat wherever you are.  We can hardly wait to have Red Hat Chapters in the family islands. 

Did you know that there are a multitude of avenues to connect with Hatters? One of the best aspects of the Red Hat Society is having access to friends any time you need them. In addition to the Members-only Queens and Members Boards, we are playing in just about every Social Media forum. LIKE us, follow us, watch our videos, Pin something and get some fun conversations going!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Pixie Dust Meets Scarlet Sparkles

This past Sunday, more than 15,000 runners gathered at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California for the 2014 Tinker Bell Half Marathon. Little did they know that 416 Hatters had arrived at the 6 mile mark as early 2:45 a.m. to secure their spots and cheer them on. Yes, Red Hat Society Members from California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Washington D.C. and Alaska were ready with signs, noise-makers and plenty of smiles to give the runners a burst of Red Hat Magic when they passed by.

While some runners high-fived our lively group of women, others stopped for pictures with us, and even clapped along with us. After the race, many of the runners made it a point to let Hatters know how appreciative they were of the cheering section, and some took to social media to share their gratitude. Here were a few of the comments we received:


Lori- "Thank you, beautiful ladies, for giving us so much support! I did the Tinker Bell Half last year (only the 10k this year), and seeing your smiling faces along the course is still one of my favorite memories of my first-ever half marathon. I've done two more since then, but I'll always remember the hats, boas and cheers of your organization."

Lorraine- "I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU to all the Red Hat ladies that come out each year before the rooster is even awake to cheer on the crazy ladies like myself at the Tinker Bell Half. This is my FAVORITE cheering section. You ladies are AMAZING. Thank you so much. I even stopped to get a selfie with the sea of red and purple behind me." 

Karin- "I just want to personally THANK each and every one of you for coming out and supporting all of us. My sister and I will high 5 all of you and be brought to tears every time you come out to support all of us! I can say this with complete confidence, I WILL SOME DAY BE A RED HAT LADY! Love each and every one of you!"

Nazly- "Running through the parks for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon may have been fun, but the BEST part of the race was running past all the ladies from the Red Hat Society! Highlight of the race, hands down. Thank you so much to everyone that came out to Disney before the sun was up! You ladies are the greatest!"

Stephanie- "One of the happiest parts of my first 1/2 marathon experience at Disneyland this weekend was seeing hundreds of you wonderful ladies there to support us. Thank you!!!"


Megan- "@RedHatSociety All the wonderful ladies really made me happy and emotional! Thank you so much for the needed pick me up! #TinkHalf

Brandie- "@RedHatSociety Thank you! Seriously, the sea of red was one of the coolest things to see along the course! #ThinkHalf"


Ronnettestarr: "Yes thank you girls so much. I enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful ladies as I ran right past all of you."

Cellphonebarbie: "You ladies were so amazing! It brought tears to my eyes as I ran by. Thank you for getting up early and making it easy to go the distance!"
We would like to thank every runner who shared a special message with us. We were really there to support, inspire and congratulate you on your incredible accomplishment. A half marathon is no easy task, and you all participate voluntarily! (We also really love the costumes.) Maybe next year, you'll see some Hatters running along side you.

Hatquarters would also like to thank the Members of the Red Hat Society who participated in this special event. More than 500 Hatters registered to attend, and 73% of those women were there on race day. What an amazing Sisterhood this is! Below are just a few of the pictures that were shared with us this week:

This is actually a Pink Hat Girl Scout Group, which we are thrilled to have playing in the Sisterhood!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Guest Post: HATalk e-magazine

HATalk e-magazine is a downloadable publication dedicated to millinery and hat making. The words 'milliner' and 'millinery' are not as commonly used as they were 100 years ago. Do you know the origin of these words?

Millinery is the art of making and decorating women's hats and a milliner is person who is skilled at doing this. Both words are believed to originate from the Middle English word Milener, which described a person who came from Milan, Italy. Back in the 16th century, Milan was the place to go for women's fashion and finery, so people who made fancy hats for stylish ladies tended to get their materials and inspiration from Milan. The name stuck and ladies' hat makers have been known as milliners ever since!

To learn millinery skills so that you can make your own hats, subscribe to HATalk e-magazine today! Red Hatters get over $40 off the normal price!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year, New Theme

The theme of the year is Stand Proud: We're Not Invisible, We're Invincible. 

As one of the largest women's social organizations in the world, we want to encourage Members to embrace life at whatever stage they are at. We believe each day presents an opportunity to learn something new, to pursue a passion, to have some fun and to look fabulous while doing it! 

We truly are a new women’s movement, one with depth and grand ambition. We are proud of where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going. We are not to be ignored. As a matter of fact, we like to say that we are not invisible: we are invincible! We aspire to be there for each other, not only now, but well into the future. With the emotional - and monetary - support of our Members we will fulfill that aspiration.

Anne Abernathy, formerly referred to as “Grandma Luge” (a six-time Olympic competitor) is a Red Hatter who exemplifies much of what is best about us. When she was injured in the last winter Olympics, and no longer able to compete in luge she became very discouraged and depressed. She credits Sister Red Hatters with giving her the strength and courage to continue to excel in sports; with their encouragement, she set a new goal for herself – in a different sport! Once a powerhouse in luge, she is now a powerhouse in…archery! She is winning big competitions and (pardon the pun) “shooting” for the summer Olympics of 2016! We Red Hatters will be right behind her, cheering her on: http://anneabernathy.com/

Who could fail to be inspired by an “older” woman like Anne? No, she’s not your “typical” Red Hatter, but neither is she particularly atypical. We hear stories of indomitable Red and Pink Hatters all the time. I’m sure we will continue to hear them.

Yes, we still value our capacity for silliness; and yes, we will always love to find humor and laughter in every situation possible. But we are capable of so much more than these things. We are carried along by the undercurrent of confidence - in ourselves and in each other. So what could be a better theme for the year 2014 than:


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Meet our January Queen of the Month: Queen Flo

Floretta (Flo) Gaines proudly wears both the crown of a Queen and the red hat of an RHS Ambassador. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.A.), she graduated from East Atlanta High School and, after attending several colleges, received her degree in Business Administration.

She has been married to her high school sweetheart for 39 years, and they have a son in college.

Flo was Marketing Manager for ADT Security for 13 years and eventually retired after rising to Supervisor in the Fulton County Sheriff Department. She is the author of five books!

Her hobbies include writing, singing, dancing, shopping (of course) and “having fun.”  Her involvement in the RHS began three years ago when she joined her first Chapter – and soon became its Queen.  A year later she started her own Chapter, “The Royal Rubies Red Hatters" (Lithonia, Georgia) which now boasts 88 Members!

What she enjoys most about being Queen is having the opportunity to encourage each of her Chapterettes to actually do the things they’ve always dreamed of doing, rather than just wistfully talking about them.  Flo, has followed her own advice:  she has traveled to several places she had previously only dreamed of going – New Orleans, Las Vegas and California.  She names the first annual Queens Convention in Newport Beach as her most memorable Red Hat event.

Flo believes very strongly in the value of sisterhood and fellowship, found in abundance in the Red Hat Society, and its power to offer women many roads to personal fulfillment and the security of companionship on their journeys.  With Queens and Ambassadors like Flo, we will be able to spread the word, offering this same encouragement to women not yet aware of all that the RHS has to offer. Remember, we have said, right from the beginning, that we are on a mission to take over the world!

Flo concluded her email with “Thanks so much for allowing me to represent you (as an ambassador for RHS)!”  We’d like to turn that statement around and send it right back to Flo:  Thanks so much for representing us!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Red Hat Society Store- Craft Corner

Fun garland makes any party a little more festive. You'll love how easy this is to do and yet what a big impact it makes when hanging behind a food or dessert table! A great way to use up extra scrap paper from your other craft projects, too.

RHS Round Garland

We used 2 different sizes of circle craft punches, but you could use only one size punch. It would also be fun with different shapes like hearts, stars, butterflies, etc.


  • scrapbook paper in different colors and patterns
  • circle punch (or your preferred punch design)
  • red or purple baker's twine
  • glue stick
  • scissors


  1. Use your circle punch to punch out as many circles as you'd like (depending on how long you want the garland). We're going to glue the circles together, so every circle on the garland needs a match for the back. You can use two different sizes for a little variety, but it isn't necessary. Use as many colors and patterns in Red Hat Society colors for a fun string of garland. Scrapbook paper scraps work really well for this.
  2. Cut baker's twine to your desired length.
  3. Take two circles of the same size and add glue to the back of each circle. Stick them together on the garland with the twine in the center.
  4. Continue gluing, with the garland evenly spaced, until you fill up you baker's twine. Let dry overnight. Hang and enjoy!

If you'd like to use what we used, you can find these items at The Red Hat Society Store