Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sue's Corner

Every so often it seems like a good idea to bring up some of the Red Hat Society's lesser known traditions for review. There are so many of you who are relatively new to Hatting (say, seven or eight years - or even months!). It could very well be that you wear feathered boas, feathers on your hats, or even carry feathered fans, without knowing why feathers are so popular with us Hatters of long-standing.
This tradition was inspired by a famous "work of art," in this case the Disney movie, "Dumbo." Yes, that movie was made a loooong time ago, but maybe you've seen it more recently with your grandchildren. (If they haven't enjoyed the story of the little flying elephant, the movie would make a great holiday gift.) In any case, you may remember that Dumbo thought that he could fly only because of a "magic feather", given him by a pack of crows. Whenever he had to perform in the circus, he clutched that feather tightly with his trunk, so that he could zoom above the heads of the crowds. On one fateful occasion, the feather fluttered out of his grasp, and he began to plummet to the ground. Just in time, he discovered that he had the power to reverse his fall and soar skyward again. At that moment he suddenly understood that his ability to fly was intrinsic (due to his enormous ears) and that realization brought an end to his fears.
We Hatters enjoy wearing feathers because they remind us that we have the power within ourselves to - in a sense - fly free! As we are SO fond of saying, "We are not done yet!"
There is a lot of playing left to do, and we can week out or throw our own parties at this time in our lives. Feathers, to us, symbolize freedom and fun.
We also enjoy enclosing feathers in cards we send to each other. When the card is opened, and tiny red or purple feathers flutter out, the recipient is reminded that freedom is in her own mind and a joyful attitude is a choice. A gift involving feathers, large or small, is meant to be a huge encouragement, along the lines of "You go, girl!"
I wish there were a way of sending a genuine feather to each one of you as a part of this post. Since I can't, I'm hoping that this review will remind us all to cherish and continue our tradition of wearing and passing along feathers. What do you say, my fine-feathered friends?
Are you ready to wear ruffle your feathers?
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