Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Queen Georgean's 15 Minutes of Fame

In celebration of the Red Hat Society's 15th Anniversary year, we challenged Members to print, decorate and take photos with this "15 Printable" throughout the year. Now, we received many wonderful pictures from Members around the world, but one Member without fail submitted a brand new photo for every month this year.

Queen Boop 'd' Doop Georgean of the Zippity Do Dahs Chapter hails from Wisconsin, but she is a regular at Red Hat Society conventions and an avid traveler. In fact, most of the stories she sends to Hatquarters highlight recent adventures in other states and, sometimes, countries. We are so appreciative that Queen Georgean took this challenge to heart and carried her 15 Printable everywhere she went. These pictures truly tell the story of her festivities the Red Hat Society's 15th Anniversary year.

Queen Georgean, your regalia and your costumes are incredible!

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