Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hatters' Favorite Moments from 2013

As a final tribute to our 15th Anniversary year, we asked Members of the Red Hat Society to share their favorite moments for this New Year's Eve blog post. Women responded with photos and text messages, which we will share below. We hope that everyone had a fabulous 2013 year in Hatting, and we look forward the many experiences 2014 will bring. 

Tricia: "I'm a new Member and was nervous about attending my first event all by myself
dressed in purple and red. What a huge relief it was to walk up to the Hard Rock Cafe in
Downtown Houston and see all those lovely ladies wearing purple and red! Made me feel
welcome indeed! The Texas Travellers Chapter took me under their wing."

Red Hats At Play dancing with Santa at their Christmas party

Queen Georgean meets her dearest Red Hat Facebook friend Mary Ann
for the first time, in a tea cup in Dixon, California. 

Dixie Darlings Chapter at Tea
Central Texas Chapter visits Santa
Esmeralda's favorite memory was hosting her own "Painting With A
Twist" party with her Spicy Divas Sisters. "We got to relax, drink wine and create a
masterpiece without being a Picasso.
Red Hat Queen Paula:  This was Jan 15, the first month of the RHS birthday.
My Chapter, the Scarlett Butterflies, invited Marie Christopher and her Chapter
to lunch and she and I have become life-long friends since. A very memorable
day for me.

Queen Louise: I think my favourite moment was when my Chapter all participated in
the Bathing Beauties for our Birthday Party. They all rocked their bikinis or suits! It was
a wonderful weekend with the pool party, games, dinner, shopping, and fun, fun, fun!
Most of us did our best to do our colours, but the winner was our 85-year-old Member
who wore an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini.  
Lori: This is a photo of me in the super hero cape I got in Georgetown, Texas when that
Scarlett Butterflies and the Texas travelers went to the annual Red Poppy Festival.
The significance is that I feel SUPER every time I spend time with my Red Hat Sisters.
There isn't just one favorite moment.

Cathy: Here's to many more years! Love being a Queen!!!

Lynette: Red Queen and Pink Queen, myself and Queen Lady Funtaztic pictured at
Margaret Forney's pirate event.

Pebbles Audrey: Becoming Ambassador was one of the best moments of 2013 for me!
Here is a pic of me at my first event as an Ambassador....Septemberfes
t at the OK Governor's
Mansion! I handed out cards, brochures, had gals try on hats and gave one to our Governor!
It was a hot day but everyone had a great time and I'm blessed to represent the Red Hat Society!!!

Cynthia: My most memorable time this year was celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas,
our birthdays and New Year's Eve at the QMB Reunion in Kansas City, Missouri, September 4-9,
with my BFF, Judy.

Denise share this photo of one of her friends at a Red Hat event this past November. 

Lady Luscious of West Covina all together at 1) Annual ornament exchange 2) at
champagne breakfast before Village Venture in Claremont at Halloween with decorated
witches hats.

Blessed Sisters celebrating our 7th Anniversary together at in Austin, Texas


Creating memories at a Christmas event.


What an incredible year this has been! Thank you for sharing these memories, ladies! We look forward to a HAT-tastic 2014.

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