Thursday, December 12, 2013

Guest Post from HATalk e-magazine

Your DIY Holiday Hat 
Are you looking  for the perfect Christmas trimmings for your hat? Follow these instructions from HATalk e-magazine to make your own felt holly leaves...

You will need:
·         Paper & pen
·         Scissors
·         Green felt
·         Iron
·         Bondaweb
·         22 gauge covered wire
·         Steamer or kettle
·         Green marker pen
·         Berries or red beads
·         Red nail polish
·         Florist tape
·         Florist/jewellery wire

How to assemble:
1) To create the trim, draw a rough holly leaf pattern on a piece of paper.

2) Iron Bondaweb onto two rectangles of felt for each holly leaf that you want to make. Remove the backing paper.

3) Sandwich a 3 inch (7.5cm) piece of 22 gauge covered millinery wire between each pair of felt rectangles, Bondaweb sides together, and iron.

4) Using the paper pattern as a guide, cut your fused felt rectangles into holly leaves.

5) Apply steam to the leaves and then shape them while they are damp.

6) Colour the wires green with a marker pen.

7) Paint your berries (or beads) with nail varnish for a shiny red.

8) Once the berries are dry, arrange them in clusters of three. 

9) Use one length of florist or jewellery wire to hold each of these berry clusters together.

10) Arrange three felt holly leaves around each cluster and cover the stems with florist tape.

11) Arrange all of the holly leaf clusters as desired and add to your favourite red hat! 

Here's a photograph of these felt holly leaves on a stylish hat which innovative British milliner Jane Fryers made out of a recycled Christmas place mat (photograph by Wilson London Images)!

This project was originally featured in HATalk Issue 81, which includes step-by-step instructions for making the hat as well. To download the full issue and have access to all 96 other back issues of HATalk e-magazine, visit to subscribe to HATalk today at the amazing Red Hatters only price of $19.95 per year.

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