Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Announcing the Winners of the RHS Costume Contest and Something Sweet

We have announced the winners of the 2nd Annual Virtual RHS Halloween Costume Contest and Party, which took place on Facebook! The winners were selected by our Social Butterflies Joann Miller and Susan Lawson. We announced three possible categories Hatters could win, and the only requirement was that each costume had to be in RHS colors. The categories were: The Most Original, Best Use of RHS Colors and the Funniest Costume. However, we received so many fabulous costumes that we couldn't pick just three winners. Therefore, Joann and Susan each picked their own winners.

Thank you to every Hatter who participated in this fun contest! We loved the creativity and effort that went into every costume, and we hope you enjoyed your Halloween events! If you missed yesterday's winner announcements, we will post them here for you. The winners are:

Congratulations to the winners! For a look at all of the fabulous costumes that were submitted, this past month, take a look at last week's Photo Roundup!

The Theme For the Month of November is: Giving Thanks
Hatquarters is thankful for our Queens and Members. Without them, the Sisterhood would not exist. We would like to thank these wonderful women for carrying out the Legacy of the Red Hat Society in their local communities and for creating a diverse RHS community filled with love, laughter and happiness.

We have challenged them to a 30 Days of Thanks Challenge, and each day they are encouraged to share something they are thankful for. Here is one post that touched our hearts today that we just had to share: 

Isn't that sweet? We are so thrilled that women in the Sisterhood can be an escape for women, and it brings genuine joy to their lives. Are you participating in the 30 Days of Thanks Challenge? We would love to see what's on your list! 

Interested in becoming a Member? Visit www.RedHatSociety.com to learn how you can join today!

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