Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November Photo Round-Up

Throughout the month of November we have asked our Members to participate in the 30 Days of Thanks Challenge on Facebook. Each day we are sharing some of the things in our lives that we are thankful for, and today's post is dedicated to smiles. We love that our Members share their beautiful photos with us on daily basis.

Each month we round these photos up for one big photo blog, and we are excited to say that  we had more than 100 photos submitted in the month of November. Thank you, ladies! We hope these photos bring as big of a smile to your face as they did ours!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Guest Post: Red Hat Society Store

Red Hat Society Flower Art

This Do-It-Yourself art project will really add some Red Hat Society pizazz to your home! It makes a lovely gift or a fun group activity. Either have everyone bring their own supplies or the coordinator can buy supplies and everyone can chip in. Feel free to mix up the colors and be creative with the pattern.

Red Hat Society Flower Art

Use whatever color acrylic paint and scrapbook paper designs you like. Be creative and have fun with you design!


  • art canvas (we used 24" x 48")
  • Mod Podge
  • 2 fluid ounce container of acrylic craft paint (we used lilac)
  • 2-3 sheets of contrasting scrapbook paper
  • craft paint brush
  • flower center (we used RHS Logo Sticker)


  1. Paint the whole canvas with acrylic craft paint. Apply a second coat if needed. Let dry completely.
  2. To create the leaf pattern, cut a 3 inch leaf design out of cardboard to make a template. Use template to trace and cut out 80 leaves from the contrasting scrapbook paper.
  3. Lay the leaves on the dry canvas to see how you'd like the design to look. Put a sticker down for the center of the flower or use the Mod Podge to "glue" down a circle for the center of your flower design.
  4. Use the Mod Podge like glue and paint it on the back of each leaf around the flower center. Continue adding leaves until you are satisfied with your design.
  5. Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge all over the top of the petals and canvas to give it the look of an oil painting! 

 If you'd like to use what we used, find these items at The Red Hat Society Store

For more fun crafts using licensed Red Hat Society merchandise, take a look at the Red Hat Society Store's Blog

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sue's Corner

What's Old Can Be New Again
In a Sisterhood as long-lived as the Red Hat Society, there are bound to be great variations in the lengths of time Members have belonged. Some have been Hatting for almost as long as the RHS has been in existence, while others joined only recently. So it stands to reason that different people own all kinds of regalia of various ages too - especially if said regalia was found at thrift stores or garage sales, as in the case of the original red hat. (We have no idea how old that is.) We Fabulous Founders are also fond of trading regalia with each other from time to time. Of course the age of any item of clothing doesn't matter much, as long as it's in reasonably good condition (or we continue to love it no matter how ragged it's become). And even we ladies of the red and purple try to be as "green" as possible, don't we?
With shopping being our official sport, each of us has probably added to our regalia collection now and then, although that can get expensive in a hurry. But I'm willing to bet that we all have one or two items that have seen better days. Different types of clothing can be rejuvenated in different ways, all of which have been tried by one Member or another. Dyeing, spray painting, gluing on decorative trim, altering, etc., can all extend the life of hats, dresses, pants suits and the like.
But what about shoes? Comparing anything to "an old shoe" is a well-known put-down. When a pair of shoes becomes too scuffed or discolored it's usually considered dead. But....not so! Queen Jeanette Darlington, AKA "Rocket Scientess", (of both Special Mamas, and Time Tramps, West Hills, California, U.S.) occasionally holds workshops, which she refers to as "Costume Kindergarten," in order to teach Hatters how to craft, rescue, re-imagine or invent items of regalia. And she has given me permission to let all of you know how to perform miracles with your old shoes - by painting them.
Here are her simple steps:
  1. Wipe leather shoes with rubbing alcohol or shoes made from man-made material with acetone.
  2. Using special paint (called "Lumiere") carefully "lay on" color, actually brushing as little as possible. If you can't find this paint at your local art supply store, you can get it online.
  3. Seal with Future Acrylic Floor Finish (also called "Pledge with Future Shine Premium Floor Finish.
See? It's literally a matter of 1 - 2 - 3! Of course, there's no reason you need to stop at just painting the shoes a nice solid red or purple. Why not paint swirls, polka dots, or anything else that catches your fancy? And a trip down the aisles of your local hobby store will provide you with plenty of inspiration for gluing on little extras, such as pompoms, sequins or fabric flowers.
Now comes step 4: Waiting until someone asks where you got your gorgeous "new" shoes. You get to dazzle them with both your thrift and your creativity!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Guest Post From HATalk e-magazine

When Ann Morse-Brown, founder of HATalke-magazine, offered to help out by sewing the bridesmaids' dresses for her niece's wedding, little did she know that a new hat would be one of the results! The dresses were made from polyester under-fabric with a gauzy organza-type fabric as the upper layer, both in a beautiful deep purple.

When the dresses were finished with just small pieces of fabric left over, Ann began to consider what she would wear for the occasion. She had a purple jacket, so a hat to match would be just the thing! There wasn't much time and there was only a small piece of sinamay left, which might be just enough to provide a base on which to show off some of the fabric pieces. Ann decided to use her new embellisher machine to create a focus for her hat. This is how it all came together...

1. Instead of blocking the sinamay, Ann decided to work with the semicircular shape of her two pieces of pre-stiffened sinamay and fused the together with a steam iron.

2. She cut some polyester left-over fabric into bias strips, joining pieces where necessary to make a long strip. 

3. A bias tape maker was used to create a bias binding

4. Ann then applied to the curved edge of the sinamay, using her sewing machine's hemming stitch to sew it neatly in place.

5. Ann folded the semicircle in half and then folded each corner up at an angle, to the level of the original fold. 

6. She cut off the corner which projected between the folds.

7. She then let go of one side of the piece and used another short length of bias tape created earlier to bind the remaining cut sides together. 

8. She repeated this with the second set of cut sides, forming the shape shown here. 

9. Now for the organza-like fabric. Ann cut a semi-circle of the fabric, similar in size to the sinamay pieces. The fabric piece is shown here, folded. 

10. Using the embellisher was fun! Ann first folded the edge of the curved sides under and stitched through both layers all round. This had the effect of fusing the two layers, forming a loosely held hem. She then guided the fabric under the needles, stitching in a spiral round the piece.

11. The fabric then looked quite different - almost lacy in appearance! Ann folded the un-hemmed straight side of the piece in her fingers and inserted it between the bound, angled ends of the sinamay base. 

12. She then stitched it in place with the sewing machine so the embellished fabric would drape attractively over the back of the hat. To enhance the look of the hat, Ann added some large mother-of-pearl sequins along the front edge of the hat. To hold her creation in place, she attached it to a narrow plastic hair band. Here you see Ann wearing her hat at the wedding. It proved very comfortable and attracted lots of interest! 

This article was originally published in Issue 33 of HATalk e-magazine. To get more great hat making ideas and tutorials, subscribe to HATalk today for at the special discounted Red Hat Society price of just $19.95 a year! Go to www.hatalkrhs.com to find out more!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thank You Veterans

Yesterday we celebrated Veterans Day in the United States, and we were inspired by a Red Hat Society Queen named Linda to see just how many women in the Sisterhood served in the military. Linda, a proud United States Army Veteran, started a Chapter called the Sisters of the Swords, and its sole purpose is to recognize the women who bravely served this country. Here's what she had to say:

"Sisters of the Sword is a Chapter of U.S. Military Women Veterans who are Members of the Red Hat Society. The thought behind this Chapter came after realizing that there were many of us out there, but that we were unknown to the general Membership of the Red Hat Society. It is also a way of saying that your service and sacrifice matters. Many of the women veterans have never had their time spent in service to their country recognized. There were no parades, no songs written about women's service and sacrifice, and in many cases they were not awarded any medals.
As a celebration of my 55th birthday, Queen Tenacious Vera Berry of the Tenacious Ol' Broads Chapter and I went to visit the Women in the Military Memorial where we are both members. While there I viewed my membership as a woman veteran and saw others. I also saw a book that was on display for anyone to view which showed the many, many women who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives in defense of our country. I saw the faces and stories of women that we don't hear on the news and other programs like we do the men. I cried as I read that book and decided that I was going to find a way for the Veterans in the Red Hat Society to be recognized if nothing else by each other. So I changed my original Chapter to the Sisters of the Sword and started sending out our signature pin that says, "I'm a veteran."
The Hatquarters of the Red Hat Society was so inspired by this story, that we put out a call to Hatters on Social Media to see just how many Veterans are in this Sisterhood. As an international Sisterhood, we encouraged our Members from all across the globe to let us recognize them for their service, and these are the women who responded:
  • Angeline Neal- U.S. Army
  • Bev Whitfield- U.S. Coast Guard
  • Beverly Cabral- U.S. Navy
  • Bobbi Clark- U.S. Air Force
  • Carol Cherich
  • Carol Litz- Army National Guard
  • Cathy Coyne Tucker- U.S. Air Force
  • Chris Avers- U.S. Army 
  • Clara Fuqua
  • Debbie Sanders- U.S. Air Force
  • Debbie Smoot (Pictured)- U.S. Army
  • Dolores Hampton
  • Erika Moxley- U.S. Army
  • Esmeralda Ellis (Pictured)- U.S. Air Force
  • Eunice Miller - Army Nurse Corps
  • Gail Ganas- U.S. Marines and U.S. Army
  • Gwen "Georgia" Wynell Herndon- U.S. Air Force
  • Heather MacKeigan- Canadian Armed Forces
  • Jackie Longano Malhoyt- U.S. Army
  • Jacqueline Libby Delasso- U.S. Navy 
  • Jean Lyle- U.S. Navy
  • Jen Burger- U.S. Air Force 
  • Judy Faries- U.S. Navy
  • Juliana Olson (Pictured)- U.S. Army
  • Julie Sieker- U.S. Army
  • Karen Campbell- U.S. Air Force
  • Karen S. Eidson- U.S. Marines
  • Kathy Greene- U.S. Army
  • Linda Gill (Pictured)- U.S. Army 
  • Lynn Mroz- U.S. Air Force
  • Mamie Bibbs- U.S. Army
  • Marge Bittner- U.S. Air Force
  • Mary Forbes- U.S. Army
  • Melinda West- Texas National Guard
  • Misty Garrett-Clugston
  • Nadene Norwood- U.S. Air Force
  • Nancy Morin- U.S. Navy
  • Nora Meadows- U.S. Navy 
  • Pearl Herner
  • Rebecca Allbritton- U.S. Army
  • Rene McAlmon
  • Sally Owen- U.S. Army
  • Sandra Lee- U.S. Army
  • Sandy Reid- U.S. Army
  • Sandy Vandine
  • Sarah Lee
  • Dr. Sheila Kensinger
  • Tee Tucker- U.S. Navy
  • Teena L. de Grandpre- U.S. Navy
  • Tina O'Shields- U.S. Air Force
  • Vera Berry (Pictured)- U.S. Air Force
We would like to extend a very sincere "Thank You" to these Sisters and all of the brave men and women who have served or are currently serving this great country. We tip our hats to you all! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

You are Invited to the "RHS Shop & Swap!"

Join Hatquarters for a guilt-free day of shopping and fun on November 16, 2013 from 10 - 2 p.m. at Red Hat Society Ambassador Kathy Bee's fabulous location in Downey, California. $5 gets you in the door to enjoy dancing, live entertainment from the amazing Kathy Bee and special opportunity drawings! RHS will have logo product for sale during the event.

Doors open at 10am and it's the perfect event to bring a woman who is interested in learning about the FUN world of Hatting! We've extended invitations to all women's organizations in the area to show them how to grab life by the hat! Feel free to forward this message to all your friends.
  • Event doors open at 10 am to dancing, entertainment and opportunity drawings.
  • Swap will begin at 11am. You are free to drop off items between 8am and 10:30am.
  • Bring your new or gently used clothes (that you have outgrown in one way or another,) shoes, handbags, jewelry (all jewelry must be in clear plastic bags,) hats, housewares and collectibles and receive one "Royal Buck" for each item you bring. Swap items are not limited to Red (or Pink) Hat items.
  • At 11am, RHS will open the Swap Area and you will be free to peruse through and find something special in exchange for the item(s) you brought. The more items you bring, the more you'll get!
  • Arrive early to secure your spot in line for the Swap.
  • At the end of the day, all left over items in the Swap area will be for sale at $1 per item! We encourage you to bring lots of items.
  • Bring friends with you to the event and you'll receive an additional opportunity drawing ticket for each person who accompanies you! (Don't worry, your friends will each receive an opportunity drawing ticket, too.)
  • Renew your Membership or bring a friend who becomes a Member and both of you will receive an additional opportunity drawing ticket. RHS will have dedicated staff available to spend time with you and your friends.
  • RHS will have amazing opportunity drawing opportunities for you from businesses in our local area and throughout the "Red Hat" vendor world! These are opportunity drawing items you don't want to miss.

RSVP to memberservices@redhatsociety.com or by calling 714-888-8120. Be sure to leave your first and last name and the total number of women who will be coming with you.

Why are we doing this? We thought that it was important to end this year with some fun. What a perfect time to do this at the Holiday season. All proceeds will benefit the Legacy of the Red Hat Society. Bring a bag with you or RHS logo ECO bags will be available for purchase on-site. We will not have dressing rooms available. A great idea is to wear tank tops with leggings for easy try on opportunities. No peep shows, please! Ample free parking is available. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Announcing the Winners of the RHS Costume Contest and Something Sweet

We have announced the winners of the 2nd Annual Virtual RHS Halloween Costume Contest and Party, which took place on Facebook! The winners were selected by our Social Butterflies Joann Miller and Susan Lawson. We announced three possible categories Hatters could win, and the only requirement was that each costume had to be in RHS colors. The categories were: The Most Original, Best Use of RHS Colors and the Funniest Costume. However, we received so many fabulous costumes that we couldn't pick just three winners. Therefore, Joann and Susan each picked their own winners.

Thank you to every Hatter who participated in this fun contest! We loved the creativity and effort that went into every costume, and we hope you enjoyed your Halloween events! If you missed yesterday's winner announcements, we will post them here for you. The winners are:

Congratulations to the winners! For a look at all of the fabulous costumes that were submitted, this past month, take a look at last week's Photo Roundup!

The Theme For the Month of November is: Giving Thanks
Hatquarters is thankful for our Queens and Members. Without them, the Sisterhood would not exist. We would like to thank these wonderful women for carrying out the Legacy of the Red Hat Society in their local communities and for creating a diverse RHS community filled with love, laughter and happiness.

We have challenged them to a 30 Days of Thanks Challenge, and each day they are encouraged to share something they are thankful for. Here is one post that touched our hearts today that we just had to share: 

Isn't that sweet? We are so thrilled that women in the Sisterhood can be an escape for women, and it brings genuine joy to their lives. Are you participating in the 30 Days of Thanks Challenge? We would love to see what's on your list! 

Interested in becoming a Member? Visit www.RedHatSociety.com to learn how you can join today!