Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What A Dress!

Members of the Red Hat Society are known for their beautiful hats, but the Red Hat Society regalia really encompasses everything a Hatter wears when she is out and about. We are known for the signature red and purple colors worn by our Red Hat Members, the pink and lavender colors worn by our Pink Hatters, and (of course) the bling.

The story we would like to share today is about a special dress worn to the recent Royal Court of Queens event by Red Hat Society Ambassador and Queen Judy of the Chapeaux Rouge Chapter (Arizona, United States).

The Royal Court of Queens was the first official Red Hat Society event hosted exclusively for Queens of the Sisterhood. It was an opportunity to celebrate them, share ideas and answer any question they had about the Sisterhood. One of the activities was a Royal Court of Queens photo session and royal procession, and the women were asked to dress to the nines for the morning.

 Queen Judy's gown was not only beautiful, but it had a rich history. Here it is:

"While I was visiting my daughter in Texas, she happened to pull out "our" wedding gown and asked me what I wanted to do with it. The reason she had it is because she had worn it on her wedding day. The dress is 53 years old and it still looked pretty good. 

Jokingly, I said I would like to have it altered and dyed purple so that I could wear it to the Royal Court of Queens. I then asked her if she knew of a good seamstress. As it turned out, she did know one and she made the call. The next day, the seamstress arrived, and she took my measurements and offered to dye it for me. I was returning home the next day, so I left it with her, and I received the dress within two weeks. 

I was so excited, and as you can see, I did wear it for the Royal Court of Queens in Newport Beach, CA. I also found the crown I wore on my wedding day, so I was able to complete the look for my original crown (minus the veil)."

Isn't that wonderful?! Talk about upcycling. What interesting things have you done with your wedding dress? 

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