Thursday, October 24, 2013

Queen Josie Jazzes Up The Legacy Hat Part 2

A few weeks ago, Queen Josie and several Members of the Victorian Red Hatters (California, United States) popped into Hatquarters with completely re-vamped Legacy Hats that made our mouths drop. The Legacy Hats are the new hats new Members of the Red Hat Society receive with their Membership kit when they join the Sisterhood.

Queen Josie was kind enough to not only create these new looks, but she photographed the process to share with the Sisterhood. Would you believe us if we told you she created a total of 25 looks with one hat? We were amazed at her creativity, but because we didn't want this post to be too long, we decided to split it into two parts. 

We posted the first 11 looks here last week. Below are the final looks Queen Josie created. Enjoy!  

Look 1:
Looks 1 and 2 show how different the Legacy Hat can look with some simple folds.

Look 2: 

Look 3: 
Here, Queen Josie added some extravagant feathers and a fascinator for a dramatic look.

Look 4: 
This look is perfect for Hatters with short hair. The scarf is tied in a bow close to the shoulder, and it gives off the side bun effect. 

Look 5: 
Looks 5-10 illustrate how ornate headbands and fascinators can make a real difference when paired with a simple hat.  

Look 6: 

Look 7: 

Look 8: 

Look 9: 

Look 10: 

Look 11: 
Here, Queen Josie detached the brim from the hat and hot glued a feather boa to it. She then glued a sequined ribbon around the crown of the hat. In the looks that follow, Queen Josie shows how the placement of the brim on the hat and the addition of various fascinators can really change the look.  

Look 12: 

Look 13: 

Look 14: 

We hope you enjoy these new ideas for the Legacy Hat, and we have to send a very special thank you to Queen Josie for taking the time to share them! They are fabulous!

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