Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Canadian Hatters Flashmob The Toronto International Film Festival

For the past few months, Queen Betty Ann of the Northern Lights Chapter (Ontario, Canada) kept the Sisterhood abreast of her plans to flashmob the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11 along with several Hatters in Southern Ontario through her various updates on our Members-only message board. The ladies had prepared for the big day by learning a routine to Fred Astaire's "Putting On The Ritz," which had been choreographed by one of the local RHS Queens and uploaded to YouTube. When the day finally came, the ladies encountered a few small obstacles, but they pulled it off in true RHS-Style. Here's what Queen Betty had to say:

After months of plotting and planning it all came together - well sort of - LOL - it was the hottest day for months with humidity making it feel like 40 degrees Celsius (100° F), a CTV reporter who suggested we change location, a cassette player that was not the original one and city noise that competed with its small sound - but we overcame and danced to the counts - our wonderful Pink Hat daughter did a fabulous job of putting it all together, overlaying the music and using lots of the raw material we gave to her - she claims it was one of the best experiences of her life - was right up there for us too. 

Thanks to the various Queens who helped and the Members of Red Hat Lovers of Scarborough. We had lost about six strong players the last two weeks, due to hospitalizations, road trips and work, but there will always be something else.  

For now, we hope you enjoy the video footage of our flashmob at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

Photo of the Week:

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