Wednesday, September 25, 2013

September Photo Round-Up

Happy September! Hatters have been so busy having a good time this month, that we have NINE brand new photo collages to share with you. 

Each month Red Hat Society Members share hundreds of stories and photos with Hatquarters, and we wish we had enough publications to be able to share every memory with the world. Since that is not possible, we like to create a monthly photo collage roundup of all of the submissions. We just can't let our Members' beautiful smiles and creativity go unseen.

This month's collages feature photos of the international Sisterhood posted on the Red Hat Society's Facebook Page and submitted via email.  We hope you enjoy the beauty and diversity that is the Red Hat Society!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A RHS Take On Talk Like A Pirate Day

Ahoy mateys! September 19 be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, and nobody loves celebrating pirates more than the Red and Pink Hatters of the Red Hat Society. In fact, we have Chapters dedicated to Pirate Wench fun and they really get into their roles, wearing eye patches, carrying blunderbusses and gleefully celebrating “Talk Like a Pirate Day.”

Why do we have Pirate Chapters? No one could explain it better than one of the original Pirate Wenches, Lady Di, THE RED Wench, Second Mate to Wenches Gone Wild: 

WHY NOT?  In addition to regular ‘Red Hat gatherings’ that most Chapters do, we have ladies who like to attend historical or other themed events such as Victorian Teas, Dickens Festivals, Civil War Re-enactments, Renaissance Faires, etc., and they want to dress “Red Hat” when they do.  What a great way to spread the Red Hat Society message and Legacy – to women we might not otherwise encounter. 

 RHS Pirate Chapters started in 2008 when Red Hat Society held a Regional Convention in Savannah GA, and one of the events was dinner at an authentic Pub historically used by Pirates.  Several members, unbeknownst to one another, decided they should dress up as pirate wenches for the dinner.  When we all showed up at the restaurant, over half the room was filled with Red and Pink Hat Pirate Wenches!  We were a sight to behold, and we’ve been “ARRRrrring” ever since.

The very first official Pirate Chapter – “Wenches Gone Wild”, Orange County California, was founded Sept. 19th that year, that date being the anniversary of International Talk Like a Pirate Day (founded Sept 19th 1995).

Thanks Lady Di! Now, we hope you'll enjoy these pictures from RHS Pirate Wenches around the world celebrating 2013 International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Canadian Hatters Flashmob The Toronto International Film Festival

For the past few months, Queen Betty Ann of the Northern Lights Chapter (Ontario, Canada) kept the Sisterhood abreast of her plans to flashmob the Toronto International Film Festival on September 11 along with several Hatters in Southern Ontario through her various updates on our Members-only message board. The ladies had prepared for the big day by learning a routine to Fred Astaire's "Putting On The Ritz," which had been choreographed by one of the local RHS Queens and uploaded to YouTube. When the day finally came, the ladies encountered a few small obstacles, but they pulled it off in true RHS-Style. Here's what Queen Betty had to say:

After months of plotting and planning it all came together - well sort of - LOL - it was the hottest day for months with humidity making it feel like 40 degrees Celsius (100° F), a CTV reporter who suggested we change location, a cassette player that was not the original one and city noise that competed with its small sound - but we overcame and danced to the counts - our wonderful Pink Hat daughter did a fabulous job of putting it all together, overlaying the music and using lots of the raw material we gave to her - she claims it was one of the best experiences of her life - was right up there for us too. 

Thanks to the various Queens who helped and the Members of Red Hat Lovers of Scarborough. We had lost about six strong players the last two weeks, due to hospitalizations, road trips and work, but there will always be something else.  

For now, we hope you enjoy the video footage of our flashmob at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

Photo of the Week:

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Guest Post: HATalk e-magazine

How to Make Burnt Organza Flowers

Looking for a cool new way to decorate your hats? Why not try making your own burnt organza flowers with this tutorial from HATalk e-magazine...

You will need:
·         Organza
·         Sewing Machine
·         Embroidery Hoop (to fit under your sewing machine)
·         Matching Thread
·         Soft Pencil
·         Soldering Iron (with a small pointed tip)
·         24 Gauge Jewellery Wire

1) Place a piece of organza in your embroidery hoop and tighten the screw on the outer ring to hold the fabric firmly in place. Using a soft pencil, draw some petal shapes on the fabric inside the hoop. Remove the presser foot from your sewing machine and cover or lower the feed dogs. Thread the machine and place the hoop under the needle. Before lowering the needle into the fabric, slide the hoop around to get a feel of how you will move it. You need to be able to do this steadily, without jerks, to get an even stitch length.

2) Lower the needle onto the fabric and start stitching around one of your petals shapes, moving the hoop so that you follow the pencil line all the way around. There is no need to turn the hoop around - just hold it firmly and move it backwards, forwards and from side to side as required. You don't need to stop and finish off stitching either - simply move the hoop as you start stitching another petal shape. As you get used to free stitching, begin to fill in the shapes with more stitching. As you can see from the photo, we've added extra loops and lines to make our petals more interesting. Once you've finished, remove the embroidery hoop from the sewing machine.

3) Cut a 6 inch length of wire and bend one end 1/4 inch back on itself, leaving a small loop. Place this on one of the petals from point to point, like a central rib, with the loop at the top. Set the machine to zig zag and stitch over the wire. You will need to move the petal steadily forwards as you sew, as there are no feed dogs to guide the fabric. The remainder of the wire which is unstitched will form the stem of the petal. Wire the rest of your petals in the same way.

4) Turn on your soldering iron and wait for it to heat up. You are going to be burning the organza, which is made of polyester, so there will be fumes. Please remember to work in a well ventilated area and to be very careful not to burn yourself on the iron's hot tip! Once the soldering iron is ready, grasp the embroidery hoop and the petal you want to cut with one hand. With the other hand, 'draw' around the outside of the selected petal with the tip of the hot iron. The fabric will melt where the iron touches it, creating sealed, non-fraying edges. Cut out the other petals in the same way.

5) When all of the petals are done, you can begin to create a flower. To make the center, push one of the petals up the wire towards the loop at the top. The fabric will bunch up, forming an attractive focal point. Select five or more petals and hold the wires together in your hand. You can shape them by bending them outwards and changing their position until you're happy with the look. 

6) Put your finished flower onto your favorite hat and wear with pride!

This project was taken from Issue 20 of HATalk e-magazine . The HATalk Digital Archive contains instructions for over 100 fun projects like this and you can have instant access to all of them by subscribing to HATalk e-magazine at the special Red Hat Society price of $19.95 a year - that's over $40 off the normal price!! To subscribe, visit 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sue's Corner

A Miracle At Hatquarters
Because the Red Hat Society emphasizes positive, upbeat values, we could be said to be in the "joy" business. Members constantly share stories of Scarlet Sparkles (small but amazing stories of wonderful things that happen to Red Hatters, just because they are Red Hatters). Every so often we hear tales of remarkable, deeply touching connections made among Hatters that we wouldn't want to trivialize by coming up with a silly name for them. They are nothing short of miracles.
Two years ago, such an event took place right here at Hatquarters. At that time, those intimately involved were too stunned (and too traumatized) to share the story with the world. Time had to pass and the ultimate outcome had to be determined. The story has ended happily and the fear and uncertainty initially felt by those involved have been replaced by joy and deep satisfaction. It's time to share it.
Sometimes, women tell us that the RHS has saved their lives - a wonderful thing to hear, although we don't usually take it literally. But here is a case in which a member of the Hatquarters staff actually was responsible for saving a life.
Our Marketing Director, Princess Southern Belle, Emily (she of the gorgeous red hair), was in the middle of a phone conference with one of our suppliers, a woman named Kris. Kris had left a message for Emily, leaving her home phone number and asking Emily to call her there at 2:00, which Emily did. In the middle of their conversation, Kris said "Oh no...!" The phone dropped, there was the unmistakable sound of a body falling and then nothing but very heavy, labored breathing. Had she been assaulted by an attacker? Had a heart attack? Nothing but moans and gurgling noises could be heard.
Thinking very quickly, Emily shouted for someone in the office to bring her a cell phone NOW! She hastily called 911. They asked for an address, but Emily didn't know it. But she did have Kris's home phone number, so she yelled it to the dispatcher, who was immediately able to find the address. Emily stayed on the phone with Kris, talking as calmly as she could, assuring her that help was on the way. Then, the 911 operator told Emily that she needed to hang up to connect with the Sheriff's office.
Now Emily was on her own. She began to pray aloud, begging God for help. This, of course, brought Hatquarters staff running and she found herself surrounded. Suddenly she heard Kris's voice, asking "What happened to me?" Then the police and fire department arrived and Kris was on her way to the hospital.
Kris had suffered a hemorrhaging from a brain aneurysm and spent time in a medically induced coma, followed by brain surgery. If Emily had not acted as quickly as she did, Kris would assuredly have died.
A couple of weeks ago marked the two-year anniversary of that day. Immediately following waking up from the coma and for the past two years, a gorgeous floral arrangement for Emily has arrived at Hatquarters, along with a note from Kris, saying, in part: "You know I'll always think of you on 8/11 for the rest of my life. You helped save me, and I'll never forget!"
I suppose we could refer to this event as a Scarlet Sparkle. But it would be more appropriate to call it a SCARLET SPARKLE!

Pictured above (left to right): Emily, Annette (a friend of Kris') and Kris, our RHS Sister!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hatting- It's A Lifestyle

This year, The Red Hat Society celebrated Passion! We encouraged Hatters to go for the gusto, to live life to the fullest and pursue their dreams. Why? Because we are passionate about women and life! We want to celebrate every victory and accomplishment with you.

Since the Red Hat Society is so beautifully diverse, we learned a great many things about Hatters' passions. For example:
Veni, Vidi, Vera?

Photos of Queen Vera bungee jumping and hiking!
Queen Tenacious Vera of the Tenacious Ol' Broads is passionate about her bucket list! She recently crossed three items off of her list: Bungee Jumping in Amboy, Washington, Hiking down to the water at Crater Lake, Oregon and Driving through Chanderlier Tree in Leggett, CA.

Photos of Queen Vera driving through Chanderlier Tree in leggett, CA
Dream Red Hatmobile!

Queen Scarlett Paula of the Scarlet Butterflies Chapter (Texas, U.S.) recently drove from Texas to Virginia to purchase her dream Red HatMobile from another Hatter.
"My whole house is Red Hat, and now I have a Red Hat car," she said in a post on the Red Hat Society's Facebook Page.
Photo of the Dream Hatmobile
Amen, Indeed!

Duchess Diva Deb of the Orders of the Drama Queens Chapter (California, U.S.) put the Sisterhood into perspective perfectly when she recently shared this:
Does everyone know how incredibly lucky/blessed we are to have all these Red Hat Sisters? honestly, beloning to this amazing Red Hat Society has changed my life. Just when my last one left ht enest, and I was wondering: What now? The Red Hat Society opened its doors and its heart to me. I will never be the same again. Can I get an Amen?!
What's Your Passion?

Rx - Dream Big!

What are you passionate about? How can we help you live your best life in 2014? After all, we must never be afraid to dream a little bigger!

Visit: to learn more about this special Sisterhood. 
Secret to Happiness: Pursue Your Passion!