Thursday, August 8, 2013

Guest Post: HATalk e-magazine

We are very excited to share that Queen MariaBEE, of the Honey Bees in the Hat Chapter (Alberta, Canada) was the lucky winner of HATalk's recent prize draw.To enter the draw to win a year's free subscription to HATalk e-magazine, participants simply had to post a photo of their favorite red or pink hat on

Queen MariaBEE posted this image of herself in a hat, which she made for her Chapter's Christmas party last December.

We love the story behind her gorgeous hat:

"The inspiration for my hat came at a party at my friend's home last November when I started to play with her purple circular place mats. They formed lovely curves as I tugged on and manipulated them. She very graciously gave them to me just to see what would happen to them. I formed them into the shapes I preferred and stapled them to a 6' plastic lid that had been covered with purple fabric. For Christmas, I added poinsettias to the folds. I used four purple mats and two red ones. Because of the weight of the creation, I pinned it securely to a snug fitting wig. As a result, it was easy to wear without fear of it tipping and I don't have to fuss with my hair. It's so much fun to wear and it makes me look taller. 

I make the most of my hats. Last week, I won first prize in our Exhibition and Stampede for a hat I made using two red place mats and a red ostrich boa. I also made what my friends call a 'show-stopping' fascinator after the Royal Wedding. Again, these large creations are attached to wigs. These hats/hatinators could be attached to wide headbands, but being attached to wigs makes them more secure and worry-free."

Congratulations to Queen MariaBEE for winning the HATalk prize draw and for being such a talented hat maker! If you would like to learn how to make you very own hats, subscribe to HATalk e-magazine today. Red Hat society Members pay only $19.95 a year- that's more than $40 off the normal subscription price. 

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