Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First Annual Red Hat Mall Crawl In Ottawa Is A Resounding Success

Eighty local Red Hat Society Members strutted their stuff at the first Annual Red Hat Mall Crawl at the Carlingwood Shopping Centre in Ottawa, Canada on August 15 in an event meant to promote awareness and Membership for the Red Hat Society. 

Much to the delight of the many patrons that frequent this mall, the Red Hat Ladies enriched their day with color, conversation and put lots of smiles on many of their faces. They could be seen around every corner and inside all of the many stores, doing what they do best: shopping!

The atmosphere was joyful as the mall filled with spirited, fun-loving women wandering through the mall taking advantage of special offerings, completing quiz sheets related to mall shops, and happily answering the questions from curious onlookers.

At the end of the day, ladies deposited their quiz sheets and are awaiting the call that they have won any number of wonderful prizes. These include gifts from Hallmark Davis Agency and Unique Accessories; gift cards from Carlingwood Shopping Centre, Loblaw’s, Bentley’s and Quilts etc.; a gift certificate from Salon Ravello; a tea service gift basket from Bowring’s; and, from Red Hat Ambassador Barbara Gowan, a gift basket full of red hat paraphernalia.  

Not many outside the Society know that the official sport of the Red Hat Society is Shopping. During the Mall Crawl, Red Hatters were offered discounts at Bee Sweet, Best Sellers, Bowring’s, Claire’s, Cole’s, Kernels, Northern Reflections, Rinaldo’s, Rexall Pharma Plus, Sears, Charms, Coats Co., Grand and Toy, Hallmark Davis Agency, TanJay, Teavana, Unique Accessories and The Body Shop.  Product samples were offered by The Body Shop, Yves Rocher, Laura Secord and the Wine Rack.  While many shops contributed to the success of the day by providing enticing window and store displays, discounts and other special offers, Unique Accessories went above and beyond the call of duty by bringing in spectacular red hats, fascinators, shoe bling, parasols and assorted other treasures to lure the ladies.

Another little known fact is that almost every Red Hat event involves food – Hatters were particularly pleased with the discount provided by the Carlingwood Restaurant and by Treats, who made special red and purple cookies for them. 

Joyce, of the Purple Chiffon Bloomers of Cornwall, said her group had a wonderful day and hoped that the event would reoccur.  Yvonne, Queen of the Red Hottawan Hatters thought “the games were great fun and all of the shopping deals were spectacular and the networking was a super bonus.  It was really nice to be able to put a face to some of the names I have dealt with.”  Jill, Queen of the Renfrew Red Hotters thought the day was “delightful” and “a really great time.”  She and her sister was “excited to have spoken with so many nice people…to dress up in our finery and strut our stuff!”

Sandra Dormer and Barbara Gowan, Ambassadors of the Red Hat Society and the ladies that spear-headed the event, were effusive in their gratitude to Frank Fenn and his staff at Carlingwood Shopping Centre.  Sandra said that “without the incredible support and generosity of the people at the Shopping Centre we would not have been anywhere near as successful. Carlingwood is like a Mecca to many seniors in our community and we were so pleased to bring a little colour to their day.”

Even Ottawa’s mayor, Jim Watson, was in on the event. Though not able to attend, he sent special greetings, congratulating the Red Hat Society for “encouraging women fifty plus to celebrate their age and to participate in activities which promote an active lifestyle and spreading good cheer to others.”

While the official purpose of the Mall Crawl was to increase Membership in the society, which it did, there is an unofficial rule within the Red Hat Society - Hatters only participate in an event if they will have fun at it.  This event met both criteria with resounding success and one thing for sure put a lot of smiles on many of the senior’s faces. For more information about the Society, please visit www.redhatsociety.com


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  1. This really shows how to do a Meet & Greet! Congratulations, Ladies.