Thursday, August 15, 2013

DIY Royal Scepter

Did you know the Red Hat Society is filled with royalty? Yes! Anytime a woman chooses to to open a Chapter she instantly becomes the Queen of her her Queendom and she can either reigns supreme or she can promote her Chapterettes to the roles of Co-Queen and Vice Queen. In fact, every Chapterette gets to choose a Royal Title in the spirit of fun and play. 

Why Queens and royalty? Because as young girls, we fantasize about the idea of living the carefree and whimsical life of a princess complete with fabulous dresses, sparkly tiaras and heel shoes. (Oh, Prince Charming fits in there somewhere too.) 

In the days of yore, the rank of queen was attained through inheritance and/or bloody battles, but these days, in the Red Hat Society, one simply declares oneself Queen and acts the part. 

To celebrate all of the Queens in this fabulous Sisterhood, The Red Hat Society is hosting the Inaugural Royal Court of Queens Event in Newport Beach this September. 

Queens around the world are already preparing their packing lists, and we wanted to share this fun scepter shared on Facebook by Queen Sue of the Red Hat Texas Travelers Chapter (Texas, United States). This scepter was made using a toilet plunger from the 99 Cents store. Can you believe that? 

To make the transformation, Queen Sue wrapped the plunger in ribbon and added hair clips attached to ribbons, feathers, and she even topped it off with a little red hat. 

This scepter is compact and perfect for traveling! Do you have a royal scepter that you have created yourself? Share it with us! We would love to highlight it in the coming weeks. You can send your pictures and instructions to

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