Thursday, July 25, 2013

Queen Sunny Places Top 10 In National Senior Games

We are excited to announce that Red Hat Society Ambassador and Queen of the Fit ‘n Fabulous Virtual Chapter, Sunny, competed in the 2013 National Senior Games in Cleveland, Ohio this past weekend! She participated in the 10k event, and she carried the Sisterhood with her through the entire event by competing in RHS Colors. Queen Sunny placed 9th in her Age Group (65-69). How incredible is that?!

In 2012, Sunny contacted Hatquarters to share that she had qualified for the National Senior Games, and she wanted to share her training journey in the hopes that it would inspire other Hatters to pursue their healthiest selves. Over the past few months we have shared her story and photos on Facebook, in our weekly Friday Broadcasts, and here on Red Hat Chat

                                                (Queen Sunny wins Navy Run 10k) 

After Sunny completed her race this weekend, she took a few minutes to share her thoughts with Hatquarters. Here’s what Queen Sunny had to say:

“I'm home now trying to put the whole thing in perspective. I really had my heart set on getting a ribbon, but I placed 9th ... medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and ribbons for 4th-8th. (Just missed it!) My finish time was the same as my State qualifying time. It's like the results of a bone density test - as long as the numbers are not getting worse it is actually very good! The big difference between this race and State was that the conditions were far more challenging. There was lightning all Friday night
- I was up often in the middle of the night watching the sky light up.

Saturday morning, we had a thirty minute delayed start due to the lightning. Once we started it was raining. The beat-up streets quickly filled with puddles; it was windy off the Lake, and more hills than I care to revisit. The 8th place girl was a full 5 minutes faster than me; no way could I have caught her.
This coming week is a recovery week. Some light running, and back to CrossFit classes. No more racing until October.

I don't know if you're reading the Fit 'n Fab chit-chat, but it is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL how the girls encourage each other. I am filled with joy when I see how the Chapter has evolved.” 

Isn't she amazing?! Even after sharing her huge accomplishment, she reflected on the changes other Hatters have made in their own lives. Sunny is a true leader and role model. 

Congratulations on placing in the Top 10 in your age bracket, and thank you for wearing your colors with pride Queen Sunny! 

Be sure to read this article about the race on, which featured both Sunny and her husband Benjamin, who also competed. Below is a video of Sunny's finish.

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