Friday, June 21, 2013

World Wide Hoot Day Part 2

Hatquarters has received so many photos from World Wide Hoot Day this week that we had to break them up into two posts! Today we have five new collages to share. But first... Hoot? What the heck is a Hoot?

In the Red Hat Society world, a Hoot is one day each year when Hatters come together to globally paint their towns red, purple, pink and lavender in celebration of fun, friendship and the Sisterhood. The ultimate goal is to show women that there’s joy in living life no matter what age they are. This year, Hatters either participated in Hoots at 20 Hard Rock Cafe locations in the United States and Canada, or they coordinated their own Hoot Day festivities. Chapters organized Mall Hoots, lunch Hoots, Polo Hoots, train hoots, marketplace Hoots and one Chapter even Hooted at Hooters!  

Of course, the pictures say it all... we hope you enjoy these 2013 World Wide Hoot Day collages, and we can't wait to do a full spread of these events in our quarterly e-magazine Red Hatter Matters!

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  1. So many lovely, wonderful pictures, you girls are great!

    From Sweden
    Anitha Viol