Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Pop Tab Necklace

This summer, you might find yourself with a bit of extra time on your hands, which is perfect for crafting! This idea was shared by Queen Sparkle Plenty Cynthia of the Big D Re-Gals Chapter (Texas, United States) on Facebook. She received a touch of the Pacific Coast in this "Pop Top Charm" necklace, which was sent to her as a gift from her RHS Sister The Good Queen Des.

 Isn't that cute?! Read on to learn how to make this necklace. This craft is easy, that you will want to make a Pop Tab Charm necklace for everyone you know!

What Your Need:
50 Pop Tabs

How To Assemble
1. Cut two pieces of ribbon to the desired length
2. Attach tape to the ends of the ribbon to make them easier to weave through the pop tabs.
3. Begin to weave. Take two tabs and weave one ribbon through the hole and over the edge into the other tab. Repeat with the bottom hole.
4. Fold the ribbon in half and push those tabs to the middle of the necklace.
5. Add a third tab to create the base for the necklace. Thread both ends of the top ribbon through the top hole on the face of the new tab. Thread both ends of the bottom ribbon through the bottom hole. Pull the ribbons and scoot the tab so that is is situated behind the first two tabs. Unfold the ribbons and pull them in opposite directions.
6. Now begin to thread your tabs onto the necklace. 
7.Once you've reached about 4 - 5" from the end of your ribbon, stop adding tabs. Go back to the middle of the bracelet and work the pattern in the other direction. 
8. Once you have completed your necklace, add your charms and enjoy! 

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