Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Tea For The Queen

Sunday, June 2nd marked the 60th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation. As events unfold throughout the week in celebration of this momentous occasion, Hatters in the international Sisterhood are hosting events of their own! 

Ambassador & Queen Dorothy of the Ruby Crowns and Amethyst Gowns Chapter (Ontario, Canada) organized a "Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Coronation Tea" at the Abigail’s Tea House. This story was submitted on behalf of Queen Dorothy by fellow RHS Ambassador Jan, also known as Queen Bits & Bytes. Here's what she had to say:  

In June 2nd 1953, as the then 27-year-old monarch made her way to Westminster Abbey to be crowned, more than 20 million people around the world watched the first televised Coronation.

Each RHS supporting member was able to pose with a Cutout of Queen Elizabeth and toast the 60th Anniversary on the exact day of her Coronation. Each Member received a small decorative tin of tea and participated in a tea exchange.

The amazing tea, which included a special red and purple JELL-O salad, was followed by a tour of a century home across the street.
That sounds like a wonderful event! Thank you for sharing, Queen Jan! Take a look at these wonderful photos.  

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