Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Hoot Day Part One

This weekend the Red Hat Society hosted the first World Wide Hoot Day of 2013! On June 15, 2013, Hatters gathered globally to paint their cities a vibrant shade of red, purple, pink and lavender and show women that there’s joy in living life no matter what age they are. And there's no better example of this than  Baroness of the Beach Judy's Hoot Day parasailing photo! Not only did she go up in full regalia (hat and all), but she even put "15" on the bottom of her feet to represent the 15th Anniversary year of this wonderful Sisterhood! How cool is that?!

While many Hatters enjoyed a rockin' Hoot at one of 20 Hard Rock Cafe locations across the United States and Canada for World Wide Hoot Day, several other festive celebrations took place as well. 

In just a few days, Hatquarters has receive more than 200 photos of events, and this is just the first set of photos that we are excited to share with you! For more many more photos, visit our Facebook page, and be sure to like us while you are there! 

The Red Hat Society connects, empowers and transforms the lives of women from all walks of life through the power of fun and friendship. Women of any age are encouraged to join (those under 50 don a pink hat until they "REDuate"), emphasizing the value of cross-generational friendships and mentoring. 

Interested in becoming a Hatter? Click here to learn how you can join the fun! 


  1. Glitzy Women was the theme of the Fort Worth World-Wide Hoot at RidgMar Mall. About 20 of us played, enjoyed friendships, and took part in a photo scavenger hunt looking for Red and Purple items in store windows, on signs, and took our photos with Hope, the pink and purple cow! Then we dance-walked back to the food court. GREAT time!

  2. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the photo of the Red Hat sister parasailing and especially with the 15 on the bottom of her feet. Brilliant!!!!!

  4. Dont find where/how to upload our hoot photo on facebook.