Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Pop Tab Necklace

This summer, you might find yourself with a bit of extra time on your hands, which is perfect for crafting! This idea was shared by Queen Sparkle Plenty Cynthia of the Big D Re-Gals Chapter (Texas, United States) on Facebook. She received a touch of the Pacific Coast in this "Pop Top Charm" necklace, which was sent to her as a gift from her RHS Sister The Good Queen Des.

 Isn't that cute?! Read on to learn how to make this necklace. This craft is easy, that you will want to make a Pop Tab Charm necklace for everyone you know!

What Your Need:
50 Pop Tabs

How To Assemble
1. Cut two pieces of ribbon to the desired length
2. Attach tape to the ends of the ribbon to make them easier to weave through the pop tabs.
3. Begin to weave. Take two tabs and weave one ribbon through the hole and over the edge into the other tab. Repeat with the bottom hole.
4. Fold the ribbon in half and push those tabs to the middle of the necklace.
5. Add a third tab to create the base for the necklace. Thread both ends of the top ribbon through the top hole on the face of the new tab. Thread both ends of the bottom ribbon through the bottom hole. Pull the ribbons and scoot the tab so that is is situated behind the first two tabs. Unfold the ribbons and pull them in opposite directions.
6. Now begin to thread your tabs onto the necklace. 
7.Once you've reached about 4 - 5" from the end of your ribbon, stop adding tabs. Go back to the middle of the bracelet and work the pattern in the other direction. 
8. Once you have completed your necklace, add your charms and enjoy! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Red Hat Society's June Photo Roundup

Each month Red Hat Society Members share hundreds of stories and photos with Hatquarters, and we wish we had enough publications to be able to share every memory with the world. Since we can't do that, we created the monthly photo roundup to highlight the photos that were submitted in the previous weeks. We just can't let our Members' beautiful smiles and creativity go unseen.

June was a busy month in the Sisterhood with World Wide Hoot Day being celebrated around the world on June 15th. Photos have been pouring into the Hatquarters via Facebook and email, and we  have created more collages than we know what to do with! (Except share them here with you, of course!) We hope you enjoy the beauty and diversity that is this international Sisterhood!

Friday, June 21, 2013

World Wide Hoot Day Part 2

Hatquarters has received so many photos from World Wide Hoot Day this week that we had to break them up into two posts! Today we have five new collages to share. But first... Hoot? What the heck is a Hoot?

In the Red Hat Society world, a Hoot is one day each year when Hatters come together to globally paint their towns red, purple, pink and lavender in celebration of fun, friendship and the Sisterhood. The ultimate goal is to show women that there’s joy in living life no matter what age they are. This year, Hatters either participated in Hoots at 20 Hard Rock Cafe locations in the United States and Canada, or they coordinated their own Hoot Day festivities. Chapters organized Mall Hoots, lunch Hoots, Polo Hoots, train hoots, marketplace Hoots and one Chapter even Hooted at Hooters!  

Of course, the pictures say it all... we hope you enjoy these 2013 World Wide Hoot Day collages, and we can't wait to do a full spread of these events in our quarterly e-magazine Red Hatter Matters!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Hoot Day Part One

This weekend the Red Hat Society hosted the first World Wide Hoot Day of 2013! On June 15, 2013, Hatters gathered globally to paint their cities a vibrant shade of red, purple, pink and lavender and show women that there’s joy in living life no matter what age they are. And there's no better example of this than  Baroness of the Beach Judy's Hoot Day parasailing photo! Not only did she go up in full regalia (hat and all), but she even put "15" on the bottom of her feet to represent the 15th Anniversary year of this wonderful Sisterhood! How cool is that?!

While many Hatters enjoyed a rockin' Hoot at one of 20 Hard Rock Cafe locations across the United States and Canada for World Wide Hoot Day, several other festive celebrations took place as well. 

In just a few days, Hatquarters has receive more than 200 photos of events, and this is just the first set of photos that we are excited to share with you! For more many more photos, visit our Facebook page, and be sure to like us while you are there! 

The Red Hat Society connects, empowers and transforms the lives of women from all walks of life through the power of fun and friendship. Women of any age are encouraged to join (those under 50 don a pink hat until they "REDuate"), emphasizing the value of cross-generational friendships and mentoring. 

Interested in becoming a Hatter? Click here to learn how you can join the fun! 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Make Hats!

Today we are excited to share a guest post from HATalk e-magazine! You can look forward to fun ideas and hat crafts from HATalk on the 2nd Thursday of each month. 

Back in April, HATalk e-magazine began an exciting partnership with the amazing ladies of the Red Hat Society and we just wanted to take a moment to properly introduce ourselves to all of you…

HATalk is a downloadable e-magazine written for everyone who loves to wear and make hats. Every month, we showcase the work of hat makers from around the world and publish helpful hints, tips and step-by-step instructions for hat projects you can try at home. 

HATalk was founded in 2006 by Ann Morse-Brown, wife of the famous English wooden hat block maker Guy Morse-Brown. When Ann retired in 2009, Becky Weaver took over as Senior Editor. The HATalk team is committed to helping hat lovers everywhere to learn, connect and have a great time making hats. That is why we are so excited to have teamed up with the Red Hat Society to write a special version of our e-magazine for Red Hatters every month!
There is an endless list of reasons why learning how to make your own hats is a great thing to do. Here are just a few of them...

·         Personal Growth - tap into your hidden potential by mastering a brand new skill.
·         Creative Release - enjoy exploring a fresh outlet for your creative energies.
·         Look and Feel Amazing - make hats that perfectly match your outfits.
·         Be Yourself - express yourself by making hats that show off your personal style.
·         Make Friends - meet up with your hat loving friends and have fun making hats together.
·         “Wow” People - impress your friends and family by wearing hats that you made with your own two hands!

Why not start making hats today? We have published a special ebook - How toMake a Red Hat – as a free gift for Red Society Members. Download your copy today to try out some fun new hat making and decorating techniques. 

Red Hat Society Members get an amazing 70% discount off the normal HATalk e-magazine subscription price. Sign up now to get instant access to over 100 invaluable hat making downloads for just $19.95 a year! Visit to subscribe! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

25 Things To Do This Summer

We're a few weeks away from the actual start of summer, but as the days begin to heat up and the smell of barbecue fills the air, we thought it would be fun to share some ideas of activities you can participate in! Not only are they fun, but they might help you beat those unbearably warm days.

1. Gather up a few friends, and have a picnic in your backyard.
2. Go on a walk and take pictures of trees, flowers, dogs, etc.
3. Buy some fashion magazines, pick out a couple of really cute outfits, and try to recreate them for less!
4. Bead some bracelets and use them for trade in a yard sale.
5. Put some blond or red highlights in your hair.
6. Whip up some icebox pies and deliver them to friends and family.
7. Play some childhood games like "Sorry", "Candyland", or "Pretty Pretty Princess".
8. Take your dog for a walk.
9. E-mail a friend you haven't spoken to in awhile.
10. Do 25 jumping jacks!
11. Look through old family scrapbooks, photo books, and yearbooks.
12. Make a root beer float.
13. Have a movies date with your siblings.
14. Go window-shopping with a friend.
15. Write a poem.
16. Make fresh, homemade fruit juice.
17. Give your dog a bath.
18. Make dinner for your chapter.
19. Have a sleepover party and watch scary movies.
20. Plan a vacation you want to take next summer.
21. Plant flowers in your yard.
22. Take a road trip
23. Have a bubble bath.

24. Take a class.25. Enjoy music or a movie at the park. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sunny Is Going For Gold

This November, RHS Ambassador and Queen, Sunny Mathews, of the virtual Fit 'n' Fabulous Chapter began her quest to qualify for the 2013 Summer National Senior Games in Cleveland, Ohio, and we're excited to announce that she has done it!

Queen Sunny will be representing Florida in the 65-69 year-old division of the Summer National Senior Games on July 20, 2013, and we know she'll be incredible! In fact, Sunny recently came in 1st place for the Navy 10k, which she ran on the day after her 66th Birthday. You can see her accepting her award below:

To help ensure that Sunny is in the best possible shape for the Games, Sunny has incorporated CrossFit into her training schedule.

"I'm learning how to flip tires, pull sleds, do inchworms and burpees! It's challenging and immensely rewarding," Sunny said. 

Now that Queen Sunny is in the competition, we are putting a call out to our Sisters in the Cleveland area to attend the Senior National Games and cheer her on! Incredible things have happened when Hatters come together for a Sister, and we know Sunny would love the extra support!

If you are in the Cleveland area and can attend, either message us on Facebook, or email

Congratulations Queen Sunny!

Want to learn more about the Red Hat Society?

To learn about all of the incredible things Hatters are doing, visit! You can also play with us on Facebook and Twitter, and take a look at some of our recent Pins. Are you ready to join the fun? There's only one Red Hat Society!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Tea For The Queen

Sunday, June 2nd marked the 60th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation. As events unfold throughout the week in celebration of this momentous occasion, Hatters in the international Sisterhood are hosting events of their own! 

Ambassador & Queen Dorothy of the Ruby Crowns and Amethyst Gowns Chapter (Ontario, Canada) organized a "Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Coronation Tea" at the Abigail’s Tea House. This story was submitted on behalf of Queen Dorothy by fellow RHS Ambassador Jan, also known as Queen Bits & Bytes. Here's what she had to say:  

In June 2nd 1953, as the then 27-year-old monarch made her way to Westminster Abbey to be crowned, more than 20 million people around the world watched the first televised Coronation.

Each RHS supporting member was able to pose with a Cutout of Queen Elizabeth and toast the 60th Anniversary on the exact day of her Coronation. Each Member received a small decorative tin of tea and participated in a tea exchange.

The amazing tea, which included a special red and purple JELL-O salad, was followed by a tour of a century home across the street.
That sounds like a wonderful event! Thank you for sharing, Queen Jan! Take a look at these wonderful photos.