Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tea Hat Inspiration

The Southern HospitaliTEA International Convention may be over, but Hatters have return from Atlanta more inspired than ever before to try new things and get creative with their hats.

A few weeks ago, we created a post showing how you can make your own Plaited Straw Cup and Saucer Hat, and  after so many tea cup and saucer hats appeared at the convention, we had to put a bedazzled twist on this festive headpiece.

This hat is super easy and fun to make! Want to give it a try? Read on:

What you'll need:
-A plastic tea set
-A sturdy circle base of wood or plastic
-Paint (colors of your choice)
- Spray glue glitter (We used purple glitter and pink glitter)
- Hot Glue
- Thick, sturdy plastic headband

How to assemble:
1. We sprayed the base with purple glitter until it was completely covered and let it sit overnight to dry
2. Paint your tea set your desired color and spray it with glue glitter. Let it sit overnight. 
3. Once the tea set has dried you can glue it to the base with the hot glue gun and allow it to dry. 
4. Attach the base to the headband with the hot glue gun wherever you would like. We preferred to glue it off to the side. 
5. Allow plenty of time for it to completely dry before wearing it. 

We hope you enjoy this hat! But before we let you go, we have to show you this incredible grits hat that one Hatter created for the Glitz & Gritz event of the convention:

Isn't that too cute? We love the creativity in this Sisterhood! 

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