Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sister To The Rescue

When it comes to the Red Hat Society, the bond of Sisterhood goes much deeper than you might think. Every week, we at the Hatquarters of the RHS receive a plethora of stories highlighting the acts of kindness experienced daily, and we share them in our communications with the Sisterhood. Since the theme for the month of May is focused on Kindness, we wanted to share this story we received last week that just made our hearts glow. 

On Sunday, April 28th, Queen Mother Pat of the Paradise Mind Hatters and Queen Mum Joan of the Red Flair Ladies were making their way back to Florida from the 2013 Southern HospitaliTEA International Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. While on the road, two men drove up next to Queen Pat's driver's side and pointed out that she was driving on a flat tire. Queen Pat pulled over immediately and contacted AAA for roadside assistance. AAA was able to put her donut spare on her car and instructed her to drive to the closest BP station in Alachua County, Florida. 

When the ladies arrived at the BP station, the mechanic was just finishing up another vehicle. He informed Queen Pat that he did not have her size tires, and checked with the closest Pep Boys in Gainesville to see if they could help. The Pep Boys had her tires, but their mechanics were booked solid through the end of the day. It seemed like it was just one issue after another for Pat and Joan who were stranded at the station. 

As the ladies waited for the mechanic to help resolve the issue, Joan struck up a conversation with a woman in the BP store who was on her way to Panama City with her husband. It just so happened that this woman was a Red Hatter, and after hearing their story, she knew she could not leave her Sisters in their time of need. Instead, she and her husband offered to give the ladies a ride to the Pep Boys to pick up the necessary parts, and they brought them back to the BP station to complete the repair.  

"This wonderful Red Hatter was from Spain and lived in the US for 30 years. She had two doctorate degrees and wanted to get another in ministry. She and her husband have a home in Miami and Panama, and she was or had been a principal in Miami.We took a chance getting into a car with strangers, and by the way her name is 'Angel'," Queen Pat said.

 Thank you for taking the time to share this story with us Queen Pat, and thank you Angel for showing the true meaning of Sisterhood! How can you share a bit of kindness with someone today? Remember: 

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