Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Let's Celebrate

One of our Members recently shared that she was playing a game online, and the prompt was: "Name the  top 5 things women do when they turn 50." The answers were based on a poll conducted on a certain number of people, and were placed in the order of the most common response. In true RHS spirit, her first answer was "celebrate," but much to her surprise, it ended up being one of the last answers on the list. Her other guesses included "have a party" and "eat cake," but neither of those responses yielded points. When she finally guessed her third wrong response, the answers showed up, and she was shocked by the list, which included:
- Cry
- Get a makeover
- Get a facelift
- Get Botox

We at the Red Hat Society shared her dismay in these responses. We believe that the age of 50 is a magical year that should be celebrated- not mourned! We want to change the perception that everything is down hill from here, because it's really not! There are women playing in the Sisterhood who:
-Participate in 500-1,000 mile hikes 
-Travel the world with fellow Hatters 
-Have completed Warrior Dashes
-Were inspired to go sky diving for the first time
-Were featured on television shows in their fabulous regalia
-Have made life-long friends and found true joy in the celebration of life

Benevolent Queen Barbara of the Royal Desert Flowers Chapter sums it up best when she recently shared: 

"Looking back to that first day I put on a red hat, it had crossed my mind that this 'Sisterhood' may just be a fad and not last long. I could not be more wrong. The bond is there, right under our red hats. I'm so proud to be a part of this bond. It is wonderful to belong in this Society of Red Hat ladies. It is wonderful to discover the confidence and self-esteem I need to accept all that life has to offer. I look forward to each day."  

Queen Barbara is absolutely right that the Sisterhood and passion of the Red Hat Society to inspire women to live life to the fullest is not a fad. In fact, we are celebrating our 15th Birthday this month! A Sisterhood that started at an afternoon tea outing in Fullerton, California is now in 32 countries, including Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany and most recently Saudi Arabia, and we are growing every day! 

Are you going to be 50 this year? Happy Birthday!! We invite you to CELEBRATE this momentous year and the many years to come with us. Of course, you don't have to be 50 to join. Simply, become a Pink Hatter, or as we like to call them our "Ladies in Waiting."  It's never too early or too late to take  life by the reigns and tell it you are not done yet. Click here to join today! 

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