Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hat Box Tags

In a Hatter's world Spring Cleaning takes on a different meaning. The colors the never change, when the  regalia consists of hats, bling, feathers and all things shimmery and shiny, sometimes a little organization is in order.

This week the Hatquarters of the Red Hat Society received an organizational craft from the Duchess of Tap Denise, who was frustrated with having difficulty finding the exact hats that she wanted to wear in her closet. Denise keeps all of her hats in hat boxes to protect them, so to remedy the situation, she created Hat Box Tags with pictures of the tags and other decorative elements to hang from the hat boxes.

This craft is not just perfect for hats, but it works for shoes, jackets and other clothing you have to keep in boxes.

What You'll Need: 
-Photo of Hat
-Card Stock Tags
-Glue Stick or Glue
-Decorative items like Stickers, glitter, feathers, sayings, etc.
-Buttons/ Beads
-Thread and needle
-Clear contact paper or laminate

1. Take a photo of the hat. It can be on a hat or wig head for better view. A plain background is best (use a sheet).
2. Cut out the hat photo, either cutting the hat alone, or leaving it on the hat stand. Your Preference
3. Paste your hat photo on your card stock tag, centered and prominent on the tag
4. Use other decorative items around the hat to make the tag pretty and festive
5. Cover the tag with contact paper or laminate front and bac. This will keep your decorations on the tag and preserve it. Cut around the tag leaving 1/8" inch margin so laminate will adhere to itself
6. Near top center or corner, cut a hole in the tag. (You can use and Xacto knife or hole puncher)
7. Thread your ribbon through the hole. Bring the ends together and sew on a button or bead to join together 8. Hang your tag on your hatbox with the button on the inside. This keeps your tag from falling off.

There you have it! Now you can easily find the hat you wish to wear.

Do you have a unique organizational idea? Share it with us! Just leave us a comment below. Ready to build a Red or Pink Hat collection of your own? Click here to become a Member of the Red Hat Society today! Join the fun, there's only one!

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