Thursday, April 18, 2013

DIY Plaited Straw Cup and Saucer Hat

Hatters truly are getting into the spirit of the upcoming 2013 Southern HospitaliTEA Convention! This adorable tea cup and saucer hat was created by Rocket Scientiss, Jeannette,  an RHS Queen from California, and she was kind enough to share the step-by-step process of how to make it! This craft can also be used as a centerpiece at an upcoming event! Are you interested in making it? Keep reading for all of the details!  

What you need:
- Two plaited straw hats of the same size, 7”- 10” diameter
- Water
- Clamps
- Thread and Needle
- Glue
- Bottle or jar to fit inside of the hat crown

How to assemble:

The Saucer:
1.  Dampen the entire hat, but especially the crown.
2.  When the crown is sufficiently pliable, place the hat on a flat surface and push the tip of the crown down into itself.
3. Flip the hat over so the bottom of the hat is not the top (the brim should flare upward like a saucer). The tip of the crown should come a little above the inner edge of the brim.
4. Gently flatten the tip of the crown to make attaching the teacup easier.
5. Let it set to dry

The Tea Cup:
1. Dampen the entire second hat until it is pliable
2. Place it over a jar or bottle and gently pull down the edges, working your way around to evenly lengthen the shape of the crown.
3. Starting with the outer edge of the brim snip the first few threads that hold the plaits together, and unwind the brim snipping a few threads at a time until you have created a short flare for the teacup. Pick out the loose threads and trim the excess straw neatly using utility scissors.
4.  Finger-shape the cup, on the bottle while it is still damp and use clamps, if necessary to hold the shape. Let it dry.

The Handle:
1.  Find a nice looking length of straw plait and re-dampen it if necessary
2.  Choose the desired handle shape using pins to hold any curls while you gauge the length of the plait against the cup.
3.  Shape the handle and stitch or glue it to the cup. Allow it to dry for gluing later.

Once all of the pieces are dry, apply paintable glue to the raw ends of the straw to keep them from fraying. Paint the cup and the saucer your desired color before attaching them. Sew or glue the cup to the saucer and sew it at an angle to a headband. For the final touches, add whatever decorative elements fit your personality! 

We hope you enjoy this craft, and please be sure to share your pictures with us at 

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  1. This is neat - thanks for sharing! I will make one.

  2. So, awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Queen Jeanette, Thanks for sharing the pattern. It looks easy enough that even I... "MAYBE????... can do it.
    Thanks again
    Joy "The Tipped Hat" Adair, Queen of the Desert Rouge Hattitudes,
    Hurricane, Ut/Cane Beds, Az.