Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Magic in the Hatquarters of the Red Hat Society

If the Hatquarters of the Red Hat Society were an ordinary office building, you might find the employees working in separate grey cubicles, dressed in business attire, as everyone keeps to themselves and focuses on their personal tasks. There would be little change to the everyday routine of coming in, clocking in and out  for lunch and shutting down at the end of the day.

Luckily, we're no ordinary office! The Hatquarters of the Red Hat Society is as bright and festive as the women in the Sisterhood. Our Hat-tastic lobby is filled with Red and Pink Hat goodies, and every work space in the very open floor plan is decorated in the true RHS fashion to fit the personality of the representative who sits there. Common desk decor includes blinged-out coffee mugs, feather boas, hats, sparkling wands, and DIY projects we've played with in the recent months. 

Because Hatquarters is so festive, Members of the Red Hat Society often make it a point to visit and take pictures when they are in town. This week, we had a special visit from RHS Ambassador and Canadian Queen Mum Sandy of the Chief Mountain Red Hat Chapter. After a paparazzi-style photo session in our fabulous lobby, Sandy enjoyed a tour of Hatquarters, where she met the staff in the different departments and sat down for a short interview. 

                                Queen Mum Sandy on the left with Lady Cranberry Jo Elliot

Sandy was in town for her granddaughter's wedding, but because she never travels without at least one Red Hat outfit, she decided to see if she could make a special pit stop at Hatquarters before heading home. 

Sandy has been Hatting for 10 years, and she was as we like to say born to be a Queen." After reading about the Red Hat Society, she knew that this was an outlet that she needed in her life. As someone who loves to go out and meet new people, she was having a hard time living in a small town. So creating an avenue for women to gather and have fun was her way of fulfilling this need. She joined as a Queen and gathered her closest friends to introduce them to the fun that can be had in the Red Hat Society. Not only is she the Queen of her own Chapter, but Sandy is the Chair Queen for all of Southern Alberta, which she attributes to her "go-getter" attitude.  

Sandy's favorite aspect of Hatting is the women she has gotten to know over the years from various countries and the friendliness and open arms welcome she receives when she mentions Red Hatting. After her interview, Sandy shared that her visit to Hatquarters was the culmination of her reign as Queen in the Sisterhood, and she was elated to have fit it into her trip. 

Yes, this truly is no ordinary place. Then again, the Red Hat Society is no ordinary Sisterhood.  

Whether you are a current Member or if you are interested in becoming a Member, we extend an open invitation to you to stop by. There is no better time to join the Sisterhood than the year of our 15th Anniversary. Let us know when you are thinking about visiting by emailing info@redhatsociety.com, or if you find yourself in the city of Fullerton, California, just swing by! Our address is 431 S. Acacia Ave, Fullerton, CA 92831. 

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