Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Movin' and Groovin'

Members of the Red Hat Society have come down with a serious case of Dance Walking Fever, and the only cure is a good beat and a great pair of dancing shoes! It's easy, free and and best of all you can do it with your friends!

News about this new fitness craze was shared by Canadian Hatters on our Members-only communication forum: the Queens and Members Board last weekend, and it spread like wildfire! It's no secret that Hatters love to shake their tail feathers. In fact, dancing is probably our second favorite sport after shopping. Just look at this flash mob video some Red Hat Society Members put together:

Dance Walking was discovered by Ben Aaron of LXTV NBC and it's exactly what it sounds like: Dancing while walking! Not only do dance walking participants have fun while getting in a good workout, but they bring smiles to the faces of anyone they pass by.

Here's what Hatters are saying about it on Facebook:

We are going to give it a try in Atlanta, Georgia for the 2013 Southern HospitaliTEA International Convention. But you can do it just about anywhere you are! Just give it a try the next time you are out and about. If you were inspired by this post, be sure to share your dance walking photos or videos with us! You can send them to Stories@RedHatSociety.com.

The 2013 Southern HospitaliTEA International Convention
More than 1,000 Hatters are going to put the "Hat" in HATlanta, Georgia as we celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Red Hat Society at the 2013 Southern HospitaliTEA International Convention. There less than 40 spots still available to join us for this incredible weekend. Come celebrate history with us as we revisit the tea that ignited this Sisterhood that is currently in 32 countries around the world! 

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