Thursday, March 14, 2013

Magic in the Hat Meets The Luck of the Irish

St. Patrick’s Day is just a few days away, and we are getting ready to celebrate this festive holiday in true RHS Style. Why? Because it’s one of those days filled with good spirits, good luck, and maybe a few pinches or smooches (if you’re lucky and /or Irish)!

We were feeling quite crafty this week, so we decided to search for some fun DIY decorations that we could put our own Red and Pink Hat Spin on. If you haven’t typed in St Patrick’s Day in Pinterest yet, let us warn you, you’ll get lost in cute ideas for hours! We finally settled on re-purposing a St. Patrick’s Day cupcake holder craft for RHS centerpieces. 

This craft was easy, fun and blingtastic! Read the instructions below to see how you can make your own Hat-tastic centerpiece! Oh, and be sure to follow us on Pinterest

What You'll Need:
- Three pieces of construction paper: Two in the same color for your hat, one in another color for your band.
- A bowl to trace your circle
- Glitter
- Bling
- Feather
- Glue
- Tape

For the Hat: 
The base of the hat should be about 6 inches in diameter:

Cut two 3.75 inch thick strips along the full length of the construction paper for the top of your hat and connect one side with tape. Measure the it on the base of the hat so you leave about a .5 inch brim on the base and close with tape to form a cylinder.

Glue cylinder to the base of the hat and allow it to set. 

The Band: 
While it's setting, cut and decorate the band for the hat using the alternate colored construction paper. The band should be 1.5 inches thick

We matched the decorative square at the front of the hat to the hat color and added some glitter to give it a bit of pizzazz

Glue the band to hat and let that set. 

The final touch was the feather! 

There you have it! Your very lucky RHS inspired St. Patrick's Day Centerpiece. Some of the ladies at Hatquarters thought it was so cute that they might turn them into headbands. 

Give this a try and be sure to take pictures! Send them to

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light,
May good luck pursue you each morning and night.
~Irish Blessing

This year the Red Hat Society is celebrating our 15th Anniversary! Want to get in on the fun? Download and decorate a 15 Printable and snap a photo of yourself with it. You could see your picture featured on our Facebook Page! Click here to learn how you can throw your hat into the ring today!

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