Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY Pink Solo Cup

Ah the infamous Red Solo Cup! It's a staple at just about every party, outing or event, and Country music artist Toby Keith even dedicated a song to it. One of the more fascinating trends that took place last year was Red SOLO Cup makeovers. It's amazing what a candlestick, some decorative items and a bit of glue can do to transform and even class-up this traditional party cup. 

Red Hat Society Members put their own spin on Red Solo Cup decorating by adding some feathers, glitter and, of course, BLING! To make it practical to use, they simply placed another cup inside to house the drink. Because Hatters loved this event so much, we decided to create a location at the upcoming 2013 Southern HospitaliTEA International Convention where Hatters could bring the materials they would like to use to decorate their cups and showcase their already decorated cups. 

Last July, we decorated a Red Solo cup on Red Hat Chat, but to get into the spirit of the event, we just had to create a pink Solo Cup for the Pink Hatters (our Members who are under the age of 50). We simply painted this cup pink and placed feathers around the base where it meets the candle holder, and to make sure we covered all of the angles, we finished it off with a pink glitter bottom.

Have you jazzed up a Red Solo Cup of your own? We would love to see it! Send your pictures to

Celebrate Our 15th Birthday With Us! 
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