Thursday, March 28, 2013

Let's Talk Hair Chalk

Let's face it... life is just too short for hum drum hair.  In the Red Hat Society, we think that sometimes more is better! Yesterday, a team member at Hatquarters stumbled across a picture of actress Helen Mirren sporting pink hair, and it got us thinking... why not?!

Since we love an attention grabbing hairdo, we set out to find some fun ways to add temporary color to our hair. Enter Hair Chalk! This quick and super easy method, gives you just the right pop of color, and it washes out easily at the end of the day! We were going to buy actual hair chalk for this tutorial, but after watching a few videos on YouTube, we discovered that it's actually cheaper just to buy a box of Soft Pastels from the local art store. Be sure to get soft pastels, because oil pastels could stain your hair. 

So let's get chalking! 

First: Choose the color or colors you would like to use.

Second: Decide what look you are going for: small streaks, ombre, or large chunks of color

Once you have the look you want in your head,  you can go ahead and start chalking.

1. Take a section of hair and wet it.
2. Twist the section so the color has texture to latch onto as opposed to just flat hair.
3. Wet the chalk a little bit
4. Apply chalk to the hair in downward strokes so you don't knot up your hair.
5. Be sure to apply color on all sides of the twists.
6. Let it air dry
7. Set the color with a straightening iron or curling iron

Samples chalking on different hair colors and textures: (These are not completed looks, these are just swatches on different hair colors.)

Hair chalking is the perfect way to add a touch of sass to your daily look, and it's perfect for outings and RHS Conventions! Give it a try and let us know how it works for you! Send your pictures to 

Want to get in on the fun? Be sure to visit our website: to see how you can join today! 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Magic in the Hatquarters of the Red Hat Society

If the Hatquarters of the Red Hat Society were an ordinary office building, you might find the employees working in separate grey cubicles, dressed in business attire, as everyone keeps to themselves and focuses on their personal tasks. There would be little change to the everyday routine of coming in, clocking in and out  for lunch and shutting down at the end of the day.

Luckily, we're no ordinary office! The Hatquarters of the Red Hat Society is as bright and festive as the women in the Sisterhood. Our Hat-tastic lobby is filled with Red and Pink Hat goodies, and every work space in the very open floor plan is decorated in the true RHS fashion to fit the personality of the representative who sits there. Common desk decor includes blinged-out coffee mugs, feather boas, hats, sparkling wands, and DIY projects we've played with in the recent months. 

Because Hatquarters is so festive, Members of the Red Hat Society often make it a point to visit and take pictures when they are in town. This week, we had a special visit from RHS Ambassador and Canadian Queen Mum Sandy of the Chief Mountain Red Hat Chapter. After a paparazzi-style photo session in our fabulous lobby, Sandy enjoyed a tour of Hatquarters, where she met the staff in the different departments and sat down for a short interview. 

                                Queen Mum Sandy on the left with Lady Cranberry Jo Elliot

Sandy was in town for her granddaughter's wedding, but because she never travels without at least one Red Hat outfit, she decided to see if she could make a special pit stop at Hatquarters before heading home. 

Sandy has been Hatting for 10 years, and she was as we like to say born to be a Queen." After reading about the Red Hat Society, she knew that this was an outlet that she needed in her life. As someone who loves to go out and meet new people, she was having a hard time living in a small town. So creating an avenue for women to gather and have fun was her way of fulfilling this need. She joined as a Queen and gathered her closest friends to introduce them to the fun that can be had in the Red Hat Society. Not only is she the Queen of her own Chapter, but Sandy is the Chair Queen for all of Southern Alberta, which she attributes to her "go-getter" attitude.  

Sandy's favorite aspect of Hatting is the women she has gotten to know over the years from various countries and the friendliness and open arms welcome she receives when she mentions Red Hatting. After her interview, Sandy shared that her visit to Hatquarters was the culmination of her reign as Queen in the Sisterhood, and she was elated to have fit it into her trip. 

Yes, this truly is no ordinary place. Then again, the Red Hat Society is no ordinary Sisterhood.  

Whether you are a current Member or if you are interested in becoming a Member, we extend an open invitation to you to stop by. There is no better time to join the Sisterhood than the year of our 15th Anniversary. Let us know when you are thinking about visiting by emailing, or if you find yourself in the city of Fullerton, California, just swing by! Our address is 431 S. Acacia Ave, Fullerton, CA 92831. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

DIY Pink Solo Cup

Ah the infamous Red Solo Cup! It's a staple at just about every party, outing or event, and Country music artist Toby Keith even dedicated a song to it. One of the more fascinating trends that took place last year was Red SOLO Cup makeovers. It's amazing what a candlestick, some decorative items and a bit of glue can do to transform and even class-up this traditional party cup. 

Red Hat Society Members put their own spin on Red Solo Cup decorating by adding some feathers, glitter and, of course, BLING! To make it practical to use, they simply placed another cup inside to house the drink. Because Hatters loved this event so much, we decided to create a location at the upcoming 2013 Southern HospitaliTEA International Convention where Hatters could bring the materials they would like to use to decorate their cups and showcase their already decorated cups. 

Last July, we decorated a Red Solo cup on Red Hat Chat, but to get into the spirit of the event, we just had to create a pink Solo Cup for the Pink Hatters (our Members who are under the age of 50). We simply painted this cup pink and placed feathers around the base where it meets the candle holder, and to make sure we covered all of the angles, we finished it off with a pink glitter bottom.

Have you jazzed up a Red Solo Cup of your own? We would love to see it! Send your pictures to

Celebrate Our 15th Birthday With Us! 
There's no better time to join in all of the fun taking place in the Red Hat Society! 2013 is the year of our 15th Anniversary and we are celebrating all year-long! Visit the RHS website and our Facebook page to learn how you can win an iPad Mini, win an autographed Cyndi Lauper bag, and join us in HATlanta, Georgia for our 15th Birthday this April! Click here to learn how you can become a Red or Pink Hatter today!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Movin' and Groovin'

Members of the Red Hat Society have come down with a serious case of Dance Walking Fever, and the only cure is a good beat and a great pair of dancing shoes! It's easy, free and and best of all you can do it with your friends!

News about this new fitness craze was shared by Canadian Hatters on our Members-only communication forum: the Queens and Members Board last weekend, and it spread like wildfire! It's no secret that Hatters love to shake their tail feathers. In fact, dancing is probably our second favorite sport after shopping. Just look at this flash mob video some Red Hat Society Members put together:

Dance Walking was discovered by Ben Aaron of LXTV NBC and it's exactly what it sounds like: Dancing while walking! Not only do dance walking participants have fun while getting in a good workout, but they bring smiles to the faces of anyone they pass by.

Here's what Hatters are saying about it on Facebook:

We are going to give it a try in Atlanta, Georgia for the 2013 Southern HospitaliTEA International Convention. But you can do it just about anywhere you are! Just give it a try the next time you are out and about. If you were inspired by this post, be sure to share your dance walking photos or videos with us! You can send them to

The 2013 Southern HospitaliTEA International Convention
More than 1,000 Hatters are going to put the "Hat" in HATlanta, Georgia as we celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Red Hat Society at the 2013 Southern HospitaliTEA International Convention. There less than 40 spots still available to join us for this incredible weekend. Come celebrate history with us as we revisit the tea that ignited this Sisterhood that is currently in 32 countries around the world! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Magic in the Hat Meets The Luck of the Irish

St. Patrick’s Day is just a few days away, and we are getting ready to celebrate this festive holiday in true RHS Style. Why? Because it’s one of those days filled with good spirits, good luck, and maybe a few pinches or smooches (if you’re lucky and /or Irish)!

We were feeling quite crafty this week, so we decided to search for some fun DIY decorations that we could put our own Red and Pink Hat Spin on. If you haven’t typed in St Patrick’s Day in Pinterest yet, let us warn you, you’ll get lost in cute ideas for hours! We finally settled on re-purposing a St. Patrick’s Day cupcake holder craft for RHS centerpieces. 

This craft was easy, fun and blingtastic! Read the instructions below to see how you can make your own Hat-tastic centerpiece! Oh, and be sure to follow us on Pinterest

What You'll Need:
- Three pieces of construction paper: Two in the same color for your hat, one in another color for your band.
- A bowl to trace your circle
- Glitter
- Bling
- Feather
- Glue
- Tape

For the Hat: 
The base of the hat should be about 6 inches in diameter:

Cut two 3.75 inch thick strips along the full length of the construction paper for the top of your hat and connect one side with tape. Measure the it on the base of the hat so you leave about a .5 inch brim on the base and close with tape to form a cylinder.

Glue cylinder to the base of the hat and allow it to set. 

The Band: 
While it's setting, cut and decorate the band for the hat using the alternate colored construction paper. The band should be 1.5 inches thick

We matched the decorative square at the front of the hat to the hat color and added some glitter to give it a bit of pizzazz

Glue the band to hat and let that set. 

The final touch was the feather! 

There you have it! Your very lucky RHS inspired St. Patrick's Day Centerpiece. Some of the ladies at Hatquarters thought it was so cute that they might turn them into headbands. 

Give this a try and be sure to take pictures! Send them to

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light,
May good luck pursue you each morning and night.
~Irish Blessing

This year the Red Hat Society is celebrating our 15th Anniversary! Want to get in on the fun? Download and decorate a 15 Printable and snap a photo of yourself with it. You could see your picture featured on our Facebook Page! Click here to learn how you can throw your hat into the ring today!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let's Get Crafty

Who doesn't love a good craft session? In celebration of The Red Hat Society's 15th Anniversary, we have been encouraging Members to decorate and take photos with the "15 Printable"  available on our Facebook Page. We've seen so many creatively decorated 15's come in, that we were just itching to get in on the fun.

Last week, CEO and Queen Lady Bug, Debra Granich, stirred up a bit of friendly competition in the Hatquarters team by challenging us to see who could create the most decorative "15 Printable" in the office. We were provided glue, glitter, crayons, markers, wrapping paper, festive tape and of course, BLING to personalize our printables! Once all of the designs were posted, voting was open to the Hatquarters staff, and the votes resulted in a tie between Princess Buku Christina's "Pinkie 15" and Platinum Princess of Panache, LaShawn's "Tinkerbell 15".

Naturally, we gave Hatters the deciding vote on Facebook, and Christina's design emerged as the winner: 

Christina created her "Pinkie 15" using the Diamond Box and RHS Purse Envelope Printables available to the Members of the Red Hat Society under the Fun Stuff tab of our website. And guess what?! It can easily be REDuated to a "Red Hat 15" by using the red and purple diamond box designs, instead of the pink and lavender. Want to give it a try? Let us show you how this was created.

What you'll need:
*Your Printed items- 15 Printable, 5 sheets of each of the diamond box designs to get the different prints, and 2 of the purse envelopes in your preferred colors
*Plenty of patience as this design involves a lot of layering.

Step 1) Cut out your 15 Downloadable
Step 2) When you print the diamond designs, you'll notice that it is made up of plenty of small triangles. You're going to cut each and every triangle out.
Step 3) Cut off the two bows and bling logos from your purse envelopes
Step 4) Be creative with your design! Christina wanted her design to have a bit of spunk, so she created spiked edges around the top while alternating the different prints. It's best to start from the top and work your way down the number so you can cover the final layer with your RHS letters.
Step 5) Once you have your first layer glued down, just alternate the prints to cover the bottom of the triangles underneath it.
Step 6)  After you glue the final layer, you can complete the design by gluing the bows and RHS letters to each of the numbers. Notice the RHS letters in this photo were used to cover and blend the edges of the final triangle. The bows just add fun girly touch to this design.

There you have it! We hope you were inspired by this post to try this design for yourself. If you do, be sure to share your photos with us at

Join Us in Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary! 
April 25, 2013 will mark the 15th Birthday of the Red Hat Society! The Hatquarters of the Red Hat Society is going to celebrate this momentous occasion in "HATlanta," Georgia along with thousands of Hatters as we kick off our 2013 Southern HospitaliTEA International Convention. However, the party doesn't stop there! We are celebrating this special year on the 15th of EVERY month! Join us this Friday on Facebook to view a video of the 15 Printables that have been submitted by Hatters, and consider becoming a Queen or Supporting Member in the Sisterhood today to see if you can play at any of the local RHS Day Birthday celebrations in your area! If there was ever a perfect year to have some fun in the Sisterhood, this is it! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

How Sweet It Is

This week our dear mascot Ruby RedHat got a bit nostalgic with our Facebook followers. Every day, Ruby hops onto our Facebook Page  to share her question of the day, and this week she asked about everyone's favorite childhood treats. In a matter of minutes we had quite a few responses!

Since many social media sites have coined Thursday: "Throwback Thursday," we decided to dedicate today's entry to that nostalgic post.

Here were a few of the responses we received:

Jane: I loved Black Cows! Chocolate covered on a stick! Softer than a Sugar Daddy and coated in milk chocolate.

Helen: Hate to admit it, but I loved getting candy gum cigarettes, and pretending to "smoke" just like the grown ups! 

Penny: Wax lip! Remember?

Peggy: We used to get moon pies and RC from my uncle's one room store that was next door.

Toni: I cannot remember the name of it, but it was long chocolate chewy candy bar that had caramel in it, and the wrapper had a picture of like a ruler on it, because it was so long! Does anyone remember what I'm talking about and what the name of it was? 

Paula: The candy dots stuck to the paper. We never knew how to get them off the paper without ending up with some paper on them. Then a couple years ago, my mom told us the trick: all you had to do was lick the backside and they fall right off! 

Joyce: I miss Bazooka Joe Bubble Gum and Penny candy! Oh and don't forget Bit O' Honey!!

Ginger: Homemade cinnamon rolls with pecans and maple frosting. 

Want to take a trip down memory lane with these ladies? Head over to our Facebook Page and tell us about your favorite childhood treat! Be sure to LIKE our page while you are there! We've got plenty of giveaways taking place, including an iPad Mini giveaway!

This year the Red Hat Society is celebrating our 15th Anniversary! Want to get in on the fun? Download and decorate a 15 Printable and snap a photo of yourself with it. You could see your picture featured on our Facebook Page! Click here to learn how you can throw your hat into the ring today!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends

When is the last time that you tried something new or crossed a big item off of your Bucket List? Think about the last time you accomplished something you were not sure you were going to be able to do. How did that make you feel? 

Members of the Red Hat Society are leading lives filled with fun, excitement, adventure and fulfillment every day! In fact, the fulfillment of life-long dreams is one of  the biggest aspects that we advocate in the Sisterhood. Many Chapters have even dedicated their monthly outings to helping their Sisters cross items off of their lists. Sometimes the support of good friends and maybe even a few people who are willing to accomplish the tasks with you makes all the difference in the world! 

Over the years, Hatters have shared stories of hot air balloon, sky diving and zip-lining adventures with their Sisters, and who might never have met outside of the Red Hat Society have embarked on African Safaris, European vacations and cross-country road trips. 

This week, Queen Ann of the Desert Ya Ya's Chapter (Arizona, United States) took to our Facebook page to share a quick story about her "hero," her Vice Queen Linda, who had recently conquered her fear of flying. With the support of her Sisters, Linda, enrolled in classes to help her overcome her fear, and she recently took a round trip flight to California. 

"I'm so proud of her," Ann said. "I told her RHS Convention 2014, here we come!" 

Way to go Linda! We love to read and share stories like these with the Sisterhood, because not only are they fun, but they are inspiring. What items are you ready to cross off of your bucket list? You'd be surprised at how many women in the Red Hat Society are just waiting to cheer you on! Join the fun! There's only one! 

Click here to learn how you can join the Red Hat Society today!