Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Paint Marks The Spot

When's the last time you got lost in a great book? The weather is going to warm up as we head into Spring, and when the sun is shining, there's nothing better than heading outside, basking in the sun and embarking on an adventure with a great page-turner.

Last week, we came across this unique and super cute Paint Chip Bookmark idea on Pinterest, which kind of goes perfectly with our outdoor reading plans! Not only is it practically free, but it's a super easy and fun way to personalize your reading materials when you are out with your favorite novel. Of course, you can create this book bookmark in any color you would like, but at the Red Hat Society, we get tickled over finding ways to flaunt our signature colors red and purple for Red Hatters (women ages 50 and up) and pink and lavender for our Pink Hatters (women ages 49 and under).

For today's DIY post, we headed over to the local hardware store and picked up a few paint chips that went along with our signature color palette and used some of the bling we had leftover from sequins from decorating our 15 Printable this month and some ribbon to jazz them up.

Starting a book club soon? This is a perfect little trinket to give your Members. You can even customized the bookmarks by including the names of the women, their royal titles or a special message. Give this easy craft a try. You'll be surprised with how many different ways you can give it your own special touch!

Be sure to share your photos and ideas with us at Stories@RedHatSociety.com!

Celebrate Our 15th Birthday With Us! 
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