Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Than Meets The Eye

What do you think when you look at a group of Red Hat Society Members out and about? Have you stopped and stared or maybe even snapped a quick photo of these brightly dressed women? Now think about this one... did you smile when you saw them?

Sure Red Hat Society Members dress in loud colors and wear some of the most ornate red and pink hats, but there is more to this group of women than meets eye. The Red Hat Society is a Sisterhood. When these women come together, they lift each other up with bright spirits, smiles, laughter, and genuine friendship. And when a Sister is in need, she can bet that there are women around the world who genuinely care about them. 

One incredible example of Sisterhood was recently shared with the Hatquarters of the Red Hat Society by The River Road Red Hatters Chapter (Louisiana, United States) who endured the devastation of Hurricane Isaac this past August. Although many of the Members were affected by the tropical storm, two in particular lost nearly everything and were displaced.   

At this year's annual Halloween Party the River Road Red Hatters added a special twist of a "Hurricane Shower" to support their affected Sisters.  

Here's what they had to say: 

"We gave them a Recovery Shower. Everyone brought household items colorfully gift wrapped. After our usual delicious meal and before we played some fun games, we held their shower. Both ladies were excited and overcome with joy in the spirit of Sisterhood exhibited by our Chapter. They commented that they felt like brides again at their wedding showers. We are not only friends, but we have become an extended family through good times and bad. Our Chapter lives the true Red Hat spirit."

Isn't that sweet? Thank you for sharing that story ladies! 

 You can find more stories like this in our weekly Friday Broadcast newsletter and our quarterly Red Hatter Matters Magazine. The next time you see a group of Hatters out and about, take a good look at the way their eyes light up when they smile. That's genuine happiness and that's what the Red Hat Society is all about! 

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