Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Laughing For Health

At the Red Hat Society, Fitness is one of the 5 important F's in our mission statement. In fact, we've got a Hatters' Walk of Fitness page on our website dedicated to inspiring Hatters to be active and stay healthy, because we believe that healthy Hatters are happy Hatters! This week we received a fun and new fitness story from Queen Elizabeth of the Sassy Classy Red Hatters of Orlando (Florida, United States), and it's called Laughter Yoga. Here's what she had to say:

"At our October meeting, Certified Instructor, Pat, introduced us to Laughter Yoga, a hilarious way to improve our mental and physical health. 

First, Pat provided a brief history of Laughter Yoga, and shared with us how it is beneficial to our bodies, then, she showed us how we could feel better in a short time and maintain it for the long run. 

She pointed out that as we age, we forget to breathe deeply, from the abdominal area. The more oxygen we take into our bodies, the better we can feel, and the more oxygen our brains will have to function. 

Laughter is very healthy for most people. It can bring back memories that a person might have of his childhood. Do you recall how you much you laughed while playing? Laughter meant we were having fun and were happy.

When you are with your Sisters or in a group of friends, you can see how contagious smiling and laughing are. It takes just one person to begin chuckling to start a group laughing. A quick look around will show you more than one person taking up the smiles and laughter.  Even those who find nothing humorous could be infected with a grin, a smile or a chuckle."

Thank you for sharing this interesting approach you ladies took toward health and fitness, Queen Elizabeth! Those smiles are definitely contagious! 

We love to promote the healthy activities Hatters are pursuing and adding to their Chapter activities. If you would like to learn great tips about how to add fitness to your daily living, click here to view our Hatters Walk of Fitness page. Do you have a fitness story to share with the Sisterhood? Send it to, and be sure to include plenty of pictures!  

Are you interested in joining the Sisterhood? As always, we eagerly extend our red-gloved hands for you to take hold and jump right into the wonderful world of Hatting! Click here to join today!

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