Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hats Out Of The Bag

We are well in to our Think Pink month of October! This is an exciting month, because not only are we celebrating the fabulous Pink Hatters who make up the Sisterhood, but we are also preparing for our first RHS Inspired Halloween Costume Contest on Facebook. We have encouraged Hatters to come up with Halloween costumes in RHS Colors. (Red and Purple for the Red Hatters, and pink and lavender for the Pink Hatters. The winners will be featured in any one of our upcoming publications, including the weekly Friday Broadcast newsletter and Red Hatter Matters Magazine.

Since the Red Hat Society is in Think Pink and Halloween mode, we decided to channel some of our creativity into a craft that is perfect for this special month: an RHS "Think Pink" Pumpkin Treat Bag. This cute treat bag would be perfect for upcoming parties, office giveaways, or decorations for your house.

What You Need:

-Paper Bag
-Green Construction paper
-Paint color of your choice. You can use orange to more closely resemble a pumpkin, but we used pink for "Think Pink" month.
-Green Ribbon

1. Paint the paper bag all the way around. We used spray paint to make the process go by faster. 
2. Fill the bag with goodies. 
3. Twist the top close so it resembles the stem of the pumpkin.
4. Decorate the stem with leaves made from the construction paper and the green ribbon. 

Once you have assembled your pumpkin treat bag, you can add a special touch by writing the name of the person receiving the treat bag, or a special Halloween message on it.

Want to learn more about the RHS Halloween Costume Contest? Be sure to like our Facebook page so your can read all of the updates and get in on the different conversations taking place! We can't wait to get to know you! If you wonder what an RHS Inspired costume is, take a look at this Pirate Hatter!


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