Friday, September 28, 2012

Just Because

When is the last time you took the time to write someone a note to tell them how much you appreciate them "just because"?

This week, The Red Hat Society hosted "Share The Hat Week," and women around the world either printed or passed along a virtual image of a "Share The Hat Appreciation Card" with their friends and family members on Facebook to spread a bit of cheer and gratitude.

Yesterday, one Hatter told us that she decided to give Share The Hat cards to her two children. She printed one card for each child, and she took the time to write a special message to let them know how proud she was of them. Just before the children went to sleep, she presented each of them with their notes. When her son finished reading his note, he looked up at her with tears in his eyes and threw his arms around her. The first thing he did was tape the note to his wall where he could see it every day. Isn't that sweet?!

If there's anything that speaks to the heart, it's the simple act of saying "Thank You," especially when it's unexpected. We've posted the Share The Hat Appreciation Card here for you. If you would like to print it and share it with someone that you know, please do so! We don't need an occasion to make someone feel appreciated. Let's all try to be the reason someone smiles today! Click on the photo to download. 

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