Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Pirate Eye Patch

Aye Buckos! "Talk Like A Pirate" Day is September 19th, and because the Red Hat Society is filled with Pirate Wenches, we were inspired to find the perfect "Talk Like A Pirate" Day craft for this fun day! (What else would you expect from a Sisterhood that's all about dress-up?)

Some Hatters have gone to great lengths to find pirate clothes in red and purple if they are 50 years and above, or pink and lavender if they have not yet reached their Magical 50th birthday, and you would be surprised at how amazing they look! Pictured below is a group of Hatters who dressed in their Pirate costumes on a cruise. 

Whether you are already playing in the Sisterhood or have just stumbled across this craft, if you plan to dress in  costume for "Talk Like A Pirate" Day, then you have got to try this fun project! We've called it the DIY RHS Pirate Eye Patch. 

What you need:
Spray paint or paint of your choice
Toy Eye Patch

What to do:
Spray paint the eye patch the color of your choice, and wait for it to dry. 
Glue the jewels in a design that you would like. And wear!

Want to see how Hatters play on "Talk Like A Pirate Day?" Head on over to the Red Hat Society's Facebook Fan Page! If you are one of the awesome Pirate Wenches in the Red Hat Society, be sure to send your Pirate pics and stories to 

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