Friday, September 28, 2012

Just Because

When is the last time you took the time to write someone a note to tell them how much you appreciate them "just because"?

This week, The Red Hat Society hosted "Share The Hat Week," and women around the world either printed or passed along a virtual image of a "Share The Hat Appreciation Card" with their friends and family members on Facebook to spread a bit of cheer and gratitude.

Yesterday, one Hatter told us that she decided to give Share The Hat cards to her two children. She printed one card for each child, and she took the time to write a special message to let them know how proud she was of them. Just before the children went to sleep, she presented each of them with their notes. When her son finished reading his note, he looked up at her with tears in his eyes and threw his arms around her. The first thing he did was tape the note to his wall where he could see it every day. Isn't that sweet?!

If there's anything that speaks to the heart, it's the simple act of saying "Thank You," especially when it's unexpected. We've posted the Share The Hat Appreciation Card here for you. If you would like to print it and share it with someone that you know, please do so! We don't need an occasion to make someone feel appreciated. Let's all try to be the reason someone smiles today! Click on the photo to download. 

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Red Hat Pirate Extravaganza and DIY Craft!

AHOY ME HEARTIES! Yesterday, September 19th, was Talk Like A Pirate Day, and Hatters around the world donned their best RHS-inspired pirate regalia and transformed into Pirate Wenches for the day. Queen Wench Scarlet Siren of the SoSimco Scarlet Sirens (Ontario, Canada) posted an invitation for local Hatters to attend a Pirate Luncheon on the Red Hat Society's Members-only message board, the Queens and Members Board, and what an event it was!

Her invitation read: 

"T' pirate captain and her gang look fore t' seein' all ye beauties again dis year dressed in all yore splendour and jewels .... gotta be in purple and red, just like t' little fishies in t' sea. Scarlet Siren and her band o' wenches hope t' see ya all thar t' celebrate. Ya never know ... thar may be swag."

In a Sisterhood that's all for playing dress-up, Talk Like A Pirate Day, is just another reason to dress in head-to-toe costumes and seize the day! Check out those great pictures, and read below for a great DIY Craft! 

Last week, we shared a DIY Pirate Eye Patch to help you get ready for "Talk Like A Pirate Day," but because some Hatters find occasions to wear their Pirate garb year-round, we wanted to share this easy way to create a Red and Pink Pirate Hat to look like a true RHS Pirate Wench. 

What You Need: 
A Pirate Hat (We got these from the local dollar store.)
Red, Pink or Purple Spray Paint 
A cardboard box

Simply place a cardboard box on floor or table and spray the bottom of the hat first and let it dry. Once it has dried, flip it over and spray the top. 

Once the hat has dried you have a completely blank RHS Pirate Hat canvas to bling to your heart's desire! Give it a try and send us your pictures to! We can't wait to see what you come up with!
Are You Ready To Dress Up? 
They say that dress-up starts at age five and never really ends. When was the last time you channeled your inner child and played dress-up just for the fun of it? If the answer dates so far back that you can barely remember, then we think it's time to have some fun. Sometimes the circumstances of everyday life can be a bit overwhelming, and we believe that it's important to a woman's overall health to take some time to escape, let loose and play with other like-minded women. Are you ready to have some fun? We're ready to have you! Click here to join The Red Hat Society today! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Red Hatter Matters

Hot off the Design Desk is a brand new issue of Red Hatter Matters! Every Quarter, Members of the Red Hat Society get to indulge in this fabulous online, digital magazine, which is jam-packed with stories of Hatter Happenings from around the world, event recaps and messages from Red Hat Society Founder and Exalted Queen Mother, Sue Ellen Cooper, and CEO and Queen Lady Bug Debra Granich. 

Take a look at these excerpts from the latest issue of Red Hatter Matters below!

Access to the Red Hatter Matters publication is one of the many benefits of becoming a Member of the Red Hat Society! If for some reason you have not received your copy of Red Hatter Matters, you can always find it under the Fun Stuff tab of the Red Hat Society's website. Not yet a Member? Check out our Sample issue of Red Hatter Matters by clicking here! We hope you enjoy it, and as always, we eagerly extend our red-gloved hands for you to take hold and jump right into the wonderful world of Hatting! Click here to join today!

Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Pirate Eye Patch

Aye Buckos! "Talk Like A Pirate" Day is September 19th, and because the Red Hat Society is filled with Pirate Wenches, we were inspired to find the perfect "Talk Like A Pirate" Day craft for this fun day! (What else would you expect from a Sisterhood that's all about dress-up?)

Some Hatters have gone to great lengths to find pirate clothes in red and purple if they are 50 years and above, or pink and lavender if they have not yet reached their Magical 50th birthday, and you would be surprised at how amazing they look! Pictured below is a group of Hatters who dressed in their Pirate costumes on a cruise. 

Whether you are already playing in the Sisterhood or have just stumbled across this craft, if you plan to dress in  costume for "Talk Like A Pirate" Day, then you have got to try this fun project! We've called it the DIY RHS Pirate Eye Patch. 

What you need:
Spray paint or paint of your choice
Toy Eye Patch

What to do:
Spray paint the eye patch the color of your choice, and wait for it to dry. 
Glue the jewels in a design that you would like. And wear!

Want to see how Hatters play on "Talk Like A Pirate Day?" Head on over to the Red Hat Society's Facebook Fan Page! If you are one of the awesome Pirate Wenches in the Red Hat Society, be sure to send your Pirate pics and stories to 

Did you know that the cost of becoming a Member of the Red Hat Society is just $20 per year? For just $1.67 per month, you could join thousands of women who have decided that it's okay to take time for themselves to play and enjoy the whimsical aspects of life that are often lost in the monotony of daily schedules. We are extending our red-gloved hands to any woman who is ready for an escape. We hope to see you Hatting soon! Click here to learn how you can join today! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Queen Mother Elizabeth’s Red Hat Recess

RHS Ambasador and Queen Mother Elizabeth of the Divine Divas of Tampa Bay recently returned from an incredible weekend in Fort Myers, Florida where she celebrated the Sisterhood with Queen Mother Dottie of the Odessa Diamond Divas, Queen Mom Carol of the Mystic Maidens and RHS Ambassador and Queen Mother Minnie.

The women participated in the Fort Myers Florida Murder Mystery Dinner Train, visited the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford Winter Estates, and they spent a wonderful day with Queen Mother Minnie who not only treated them to a wonderful breakfast, but she gave them each a beautiful handkerchief with a crocheted red hat on it.

When Queen Elizabeth got home, she took time to draft a letter to Hatquarters to share with the Sisterhood what the Red Hat Society means to her, and it brightened the days of so many people at Hatquarters that we had to share it here with you:

“I have been privileged to participate in numerous Red Hat Society events, both in Florida and other States, including a few International Conventions over the past 10 years. It was my distinct honor to be a part of the historic event in Washington D.C., when on April 25, 2011, first Red Hat and Purple Boa were inducted into the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History. I cannot begin to express how much my life is better because of Red Hatting. The rewards I have received on my small Membership investment are immeasurable! I feel strongly about the benefits of Supporting Membership and try to make certain any activity I attend or those individuals see the benefit as well.

Every day, in every way Red Hatting makes my life better. The conviviality experienced at each gathering becomes richer every year. I get to share my life and love with a wonderful Sisterhood of women from all walks of life and the quality of that sharing has formed a bond closer than some families. I cannot (nor would I want to) imagine how dull and boring life would be without the rich panalopy of colors and the joy radiated when we fill a room ready to play and experience recess to its fullest. Since retiring in August of 2012, my life has been one big recess.

For me the Red Hat Society Sisterhood is simply one of the greatest joys of my life. I have a Social Network of women from all over the world. These incredible ladies have been a great source of inspiration, talents, ideas and their sense of adventure is nothing short of awe-inspiring! Yes indeed, there is something magical in those hats!” 

Thank you for sharing this beautiful testimonial with us Queen Mother Elizabeth! If you would like to read what other Hatters have been saying about the Sisterhood, click here. To learn how you can become a Member of this ever-growing Sisterhood click here.