Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Know The Symptoms

Monday, Actress and Comedian, Rosie O'Donnell, revealed that she recently suffered a heart attack known as the "Widow Maker." Like many women, Rosie did not know the symptoms of a heart attack, and even after she looked them up on the Internet, she was completely in denial of what she was experiencing.

On her blog, she shared: 

                            I did not call 911
50% of women having heart attacks never call 911
200,000 women die of heart attacks
every year in the US

by some miracle i was not one of them
the next day i went to a cardiologist

(Evan Agostini - AP) 

As one of the largest women's social organizations in the world, The Red Hat Society encourages its Members to protect their hearts by learning the facts about heart disease. That is why we support the American Heart Association's endeavors to educate women about the symptoms of a heart attack and the preventative measures that can be taken to ensure that they do not become victims. Although this is the leading killer of women in the United States, this is a disease that knows no boundaries and could just as easily affect any one of the International Sisters.

Whether you are a Supporting Member of the Red Hat Society or a frequent visitor on our blog, please take a moment to educate yourself about the symptoms of a heart attack. We are happy that Rosie is a survivor, and we hope that her story will inspire you to learn more about the dangers of heart disease. In a Sisterhood that's all about fun and friendship, we want you to be healthy so you can play with us for many years to come!   

Nation Wear Red Day is a special day organized by the American Heart Association to bring awareness to the dangers of heart disease. February 1, 2013 is the 10th Anniversary of this movement, and The Red Hat Society will participate by encouraging Hatters around the world to wear red and go out and play. 

Would you like get involved with The Red Hat Society and National Wear Red Day? We would love to have you! 

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